Boban Marjanovic’s Obsession With Soup Is a Cultural Thing

In a league that likes unconventional players, few athletes have a cult following like the Mavericks’ big man Boban Marjanovic. While he might not be anything more than a reliable big man off the bench, he’s one of the most beloved NBA players. One quirk people may not know is Boban’s love for soup. He recently spoke on its significance in his culture and how he gets a taste of home. 

More than a novelty

Marjanovic wasn’t an international star destined for greatness from an early age like countryman Luka Doncic. He spent years playing overseas before securing a spot in the NBA at 27 with the Spurs and their G-League affiliate Austin Spurs. There, Boban became a curiosity whose presence was met with uproarious applause. His unique look combined with his 7-foot-4 frame made him stick out.

Marjanovic’s impact on the NBA should not be boiled down to spectacle, however. While he has never been a full-time starter in the league, he is a substantial presence off the bench who knows how to use his size to get points and rebounds while remaining in the flow of the offense. Every team he’s gone, from the Spurs to Detroit, LA to Philadelphia, and Dallas has grown his fandom. 

Recently, Marjanovic tried his hand at Hollywood, appearing in a memorable scene in 2019’s John Wick: Parabellumin which he fought with the titular character who is played by Keanu Reeves. This year, he has been a vital role player for the Dallas Mavericks. 

Boban Marjanovic’s season

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This year, reports Number Fire, Marjanovic signed with the Dallas Mavericks, a team filled with several other European imports, including Doncic. While he isn’t a star like Doncic or Latvian sensation Kristaps Porzingis, he is one of the team’s go-to options when they need to use his monstrous size. He’s had several big games throughout the season, and while he doesn’t play every night, when he does, he comes up big. 

The Mavericks are a shoo-in for the playoffs, and Marjanovic’s presence could be a significant key to their future success. Regardless of what he does on an NBA court, Marjanovic’s heart is always back home in Serbia. 

Marjanovic stays close to home

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Marjanovic always speaks glowingly about his love for soup, and he explained why it holds such a soft spot in his heart with GQ. He said that it’s a cultural thing. 

“Every day I eat some soup,” said the beloved and charismatic giant. “This is part of our culture — our mommies and grammies make it, and at any restaurant in Serbia, you can go in and find some soup. There might be minestrone, butternut squash, chicken noodle soup, tomato soup, mushroom soup, lamb soup. Whatever you can find, you can make a soup with that. I’m a big soup guy. Every meal I want to start with soup. I just finished my soup five minutes ago!”

Marjanovic considers himself very picky when it comes to soup, stating that his favorite is chicken noodle. Now, he’s trying to instill his love of soup onto his kids, incorporating it as a nightly meal. 

“[My mom and wife are] starting to teach the kids to eat soup at every meal. When you grow up, if you eat soup and you fill your body, you don’t need to eat anything else. Basically, it can be your diet. A soup diet,” Marjanovic said half-jokingly. 

Although he admits to having a sweet tooth, Marjanovic takes his diet very seriously, eating four carefully-planned meals a day that helps support his massive frame. Marjanovic might seem like an otherworldly giant who could eat a mountain of food if he wanted, but his diet is very true to his upbringing. He might go out there and perform at an NBA level every night, but when he gets home, all he wants is some soup with his family.