Bold Takes and All, Chris Simms Has Finally Managed to Thrive While Following in His Father’s Footsteps

New York Giants legend Phil Simms and former Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Chris Simms have far more in common than simply sharing a last name.

Both played quarterback in the NFL, although Phil did it for 15 seasons compared to Chris’ seven. The two each currently cover the league and, barring anything drastic, will continue to serve in high-profile broadcasting roles for the foreseeable future.

Chris Simms has spent years following in Phil Simms’ footsteps

The day might come where you and your friends are scrolling through Twitter on an NFL Sunday and someone asks, “Is Phil Simms related to Chris Simms?” We advise you to point out two things when answering your friend. First, look at their hair. Oh, and there’s the fact Chris was born in Ridgewood, New Jersey, when Phil played for the Giants.

Phil won two Super Bowls with the Giants and earned Pro Bowl honors twice. The Giants retired his No. 11 in 1995 and was among the 30 inaugural inductees into the team’s Ring of Honor in 2010.

Chris, a third-round selection of the Buccaneers in 2003, didn’t experience the same success in the NFL. He threw for 12 touchdowns and 18 interceptions in 23 career games with three teams.

The football ties extend to all three of the Simms children. Chris’ brother, Matt, played in four games for the New York Jets from 2013-14. Matt has also played in the preseason for the Buffalo Bills and Atlanta Falcons.

The third child, Deirdre Simms, married former Boston College linebacker Brian Toal in 2014. Toal spent two seasons playing in the United Football League and played for the New York Jets during the 2011 preseason.

Chris has built a controversial reputation in recent years

At this point in his life, Chris Simms is likely known for one of three things. He’s either the son of Phil, the quarterback who suffered the severe spleen injury, or the controversial analyst for NBC Sports.

In a way, Simms can be considered an analytical and far more intelligent version of Max Kellerman and Stephen A. Smith. He doesn’t seem like someone who simply takes a bold stance for the sake of going viral. Instead, all of the former quarterback’s points involve some form of genuine observations and commentary.

However, that’s where Simms often creates trouble for himself. Social media users have criticized him in recent years for having opinions that go far beyond the expected. Before the 2021 NFL Draft, he ranked BYU’s Zach Wilson first on his quarterback rankings list ahead of Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence, the top pick and a player who analysts considered a “generational prospect.”

Unlike Kellerman and Smith, Simms at least cites tape or his own playing experience when sharing his opinions. But when he ranks Tom Brady 10th among active quarterbacks, one can understand why some are quick to call him a troll.

The future in sports media appears bright for father and son


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Although the roles have changed over the years for father and son, both members of the Simms family remain invaluable contributors to the league’s NFL coverage.

Phil is entering his fifth season as a panelist on The NFL Today. He previously worked alongside Jim Nantz on the network’s No. 1 broadcast team but moved to the studio in 2017 when Tony Romo arrived.

The elder Simms also appears on Inside the NFL. The long-running studio show will begin airing on the Paramount+ streaming service in the fall of 2021.

As for Chris, he’s slated to continue working as a studio analyst on NBC Sports’ Football Night in America. A football fan can begin their day watching Phil preview the games ahead before hearing Chris lend his insight to what happened in those games. Consider the current NFL taken over by the Simms family.

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