Booger McFarland Has No Idea What the Minneapolis Miracle Is

The Minnesota Vikings and Seattle Seahawks were mired in a 7-7 tie on Monday Night Football with just over five minutes left in the second quarter. The defensive struggle was broken open by a bizarre sequence of bounces that led to an interception return for a touchdown that gave the Minnesota Vikings a 14-7 lead. Under normal circumstances, the play itself would have been what was trending on Twitter. But Booger McFarland made a comment so baffling that it was the Monday Night Football commentator that ended up being the trending topic instead of the play.

Minnesota goes ahead on a pick-six, Booger McFarland shocks the world

On 2nd-and-9 at Seattle’s 22-yard-line, Russell Wilson attempted a short pass up the middle to Jacob Hollister. The pass was batted out of the air by defensive tackle Armon Watts and sent right back towards Russell Wilson.

Wilson, not wanting to catch the pass behind the line of scrimmage for a loss on the play, attempted to bat the ball down. But instead of batting it to the ground, Wilson accidentally volleyed it back into the air. This game Vikings safety Anthony Harris the chance to run under the ball, catch it for the interception, and run it in for a touchdown.

It was a pretty incredible play, and there were plenty of comments that a color commentator could have made on it. Booger McFarland’s choice of words was an interesting one.

“Well these are the type of plays that historically have gone against the Vikings,” McFarland said on the air over a replay. “The Minneapolis Miracle, plays that are fluke plays that went against this team. I’m sure Vikings fans are saying it’s about time we get one of these plays to go our way.”

The Minneapolis Miracle

So Booger McFarland chose to use the Minneapolis Miracle as an example of a fluke play that went against the Vikings. As a reason why Vikings fans are saying “it’s about time we get one of these plays to go our way.”

In the first round of the 2017 NFL postseason, the Minnesota Vikings hosted the New Orleans Saints. The fourth quarter was an instant classic in this one; Alvin Kamara scored a touchdown with 3:01 left to give New Orleans a 21-20 lead. Minnesota marched down the field and responded with a field goal to take back the lead 23-21 with 1:29 left. And then New Orleans seemingly sealed the victory with a field goal drive of its own, going up 24-23 with only 25 seconds left.

Minnesota had only 10 seconds left on the clock when Case Keenum snapped the ball at the Vikings 39-yard-line. Keenum heaved the ball up towards Stefon Diggs. The Saints defender on the play, Marcus Williams, went too low in his tackle attempt as Diggs made the catch. Diggs maintained his balance and ran the ball into the endzone for a touchdown, securing an improbable 29-24 win for the Vikings.

It was a miracle. And, undoubtedly, a pretty good fluke play for Minnesota.

It was quite the blunder by Booger McFarland

Booger McFarland is going to have trouble living this Minneapolis Miracle comment down
Booger McFarland is going to have trouble living this Minneapolis Miracle comment down | Photo by Jevone Moore/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

We’ll give Booger McFarland the benefit of the doubt and say that he just misspoke. But wow, what a slip up this was. It’s right in the name; the ‘Minneapolis Miracle’. Why on earth would they call it that if it went against the Vikings?

Some people can’t stand Booger McFarland in the booth. Others love to laugh at moments like this. Whichever side of the fence you are on, it’s a miracle that he messed up this badly on-air.