Boxer Deandre Ware Saved a Life Right Before a Weigh-In

While boxers like Floyd Mayweather can brag about having millions in the bank, most boxers aren’t so lucky. Many boxers, champions or not, actually don’t make much money at all, and they have to work a regular job to make ends meet. That’s the case for DeAndre Ware, who recently used the skills from his regular job to possibly save a life.

A look at DeAndre Ware’s boxing career

Like many boxers, Ware’s pro boxing career is not that remarkable. According to BoxRec, he currently has a record of 13-3-2, which looks decent on the outside. However, his record looks worse when you look at who he was fighting against. It’s not uncommon for boxers to fight nobodies in their first few fights, and that’s exactly what he did for his first eight wins. 

However, his next two fights were against men who had terrible records. Ware fought Juan Carlos Rojas, who had a record of 7-18-1 at the time, and yet, Ware fought him to a draw.

Then, in Ware’s next fight, he fought Rayco Saunders, who had a record of 23-30-2, and once again, they fought to a draw. Since Ware couldn’t even beat these two fighters, it was clear that he probably wasn’t going to be the next big boxing star. 

Not long after, he started fighting some higher-level opponents, and unsurprisingly, he started losing. His three losses all came from currently undefeated boxers, and this shows his ceiling in the boxing world. Regardless, while he may not have much of an impact on the boxing world, at the very least, he may have had a big impact on someone’s life.

That time DeAndre Ware potentially saved a life

According to CBS Sports, Ware was scheduled to fight Steven Nelson on September 5th at a Top Rank event in Las Vegas. The day before the fight, however, just before he was about to weigh in, a coordinator for Top Rank collapsed. Seeing this, Ware rushed to help the man, and he gave him some CPR. 

Ware learned how to do that because he’s actually a firefighter in Toledo, Ohio, according to CBS Sports. As a result, he had emergency medical service training, and he was clearly prepared to give medical aid to the man who collapsed.

CBS Sports wrote that the man who collapsed was responsive when medical reinforcements arrived to take him to the hospital. After this happened, Ware tweeted that, “I feel I saved a life.” 

Unfortunately for Ware though, after this heroic act, his opponent knocked him out in the sixth round of their bout. But at the very least, he potentially saved a life before he lost the match. 

What’s next for the hero?


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After his loss to Nelson, DeAndre Ware’s chances of winning a major world title from a major boxing organization is probably slim to none. As such, his paychecks from his boxing bouts will probably remain small.

However, boxers can make still make some decent money fighting people who are clearly better than them. After all, there’s no shortage of boxers who want to make a name for themselves by beating up someone else. 

Ware could potentially go down that route, but at the same time, he may not want to. After all, most boxers dream of being the best, and that dream may not be dead for Ware yet.

With that said, after this dramatic incident, Ware has also proven that he has other bankable skills, besides boxing. Firefighters are always necessary, and it’s a stable but dangerous job that Ware can fall back on.

Whatever Ware chooses to do though, he’s probably proud that he potentially saved a man’s life, just before a big fight.