Brazil Lost to Germany, But Why Are They Blaming Mick Jagger?

Mick Jagger, of Rolling Stones fame, is one of the best rock and roll frontmen of all time, forever — a feat he may only equal with the disastrous nature of his World Cup fandom. Put simply, if Mick Jagger supports your team, your team is going to lose. Jagger was first linked to nervous breakdowns in 1966, but the soccer world was largely spared from his (beast of) burden until 2010, when he went on a killing spree that would make the Midnight Rambler proud.

In South Africa, Jaggs backed the USA (who lost), then England (who lost), then Brazil (who lost), then Argentina (who, you guessed it, lost.) This year, in Brazil, Jagger has backed Italy, Portugal, and England (who all lost.) This is not a joke. As of this writing, there is no word whether their satanic majesties have officially requested that Jagger retire from the World Cup fandom.

The World Cup Final, between Argentina and Germany, is scheduled for Sunday afternoon, Eastern Time. If Mick is barred from attendance, we have no doubt he’ll be left in tattered. Shattered, even.