A Breakdown of the Horrific Moment Deandre Baker Broke His Femur, According to a Doctor

Deandre Baker was supposed to be a late-season boost for the Kansas City Chiefs after an eventful two years in the NFL. After showing promise as a late-season addition to the Super Bowl contender, a fluke injury left him with a broken femur. Dr. Brian Sutterer recently broke down Baker’s injury and discussed what made it such a strange case. Here are the details.

The NFL career of Deandre Baker

Chiefs cornerback Deandre Baker before he breaks his femur against the Chargers
Chiefs cornerback Deandre Baker breaks up a pass against the Chargers | Nick Tre. Smith/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Baker is still in the second year of an already tumultuous career. He started 15 of the 16 games as a rookie for the Giants after the team took him with the 30th overall pick in the 2019 draft, according to Pro Football Reference. His work at cornerback garnered praise, but concerns about his off-the-field antics made him a lightning rod. The team cut ties with him.

With the Chiefs seeking depth entering the playoffs, Baker joined the team late in the season. Baker only played two games with the Chiefs, but he impressed during his brief time with the team. While the team didn’t need him to play like a star, they needed his presence. Unfortunately, that lasted just two games. That was when he broke his femur in a gruesome injury that seemed to defy all logic. 

A doctor explains Deandre Baker’s broken femur

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Dr. Brian Sutterer has made a name for himself dissecting football injuries on his YouTube channel. According to Dr. Sutterer, Baker’s injury, while unusual, was understandable. 

“Any type of mechanism that results in the twisting of the leg is, again, going to be more susceptible to cause a break than the standard compression we have from walking around,” explained the doctor. “Deandre Baker broke his femur, the strongest bone in the human body, on what has to be one of the most shocking and truly rare injuries in NFL history.” 

Throughout his video, Dr. Sutterer explained the science behind the non-contact injury. Baker’s position on the field, combined with how he was grabbing onto a guy with the ball, made for an awkward twist that may have been hard to predict but explained the severity of the injury. This, combined with forward inertia, put him in a compromising position. Using an apparent paper towel tub, Dr. Sutterer showed the way that the twisting motion hurts the bone. 

That slight grab of the player’s jersey gave just enough torque to make Baker lose control and snap his femur.

What’s next for Baker?

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Given the severity of the injury, Baker will be out for the foreseeable future. Dr. Sutterer thinks the team can fix the fracture with a rod placement to realign the bone. Fortunately, the injury’s severity is not a death knell on his football dreams. Heartbroken Chiefs fans watched the fluke injury play out just as the team prepared for another Super Bowl run.

However, the team is impressed that Baker wasted no time supporting the team and preparing for his comeback, whenever it may be. Chiefs coach Andy Reid believes he could be back sooner than anyone realizes, according to Yahoo Sports:

“Bake is actually, literally a minute before I got on this call I found out that he’s actually in the building right now. It’s an amazing deal. When you saw it on the field, which I mean I was standing right there, these doctors the things that they can do are incredible.”

Baker will have to watch the Super Bowl from the sideline. But given the weirdness and severity of his injury, things could be a lot worse. His leadership can help the team. Reid even opened up the possibility of returning to the field for the Chiefs next year. Until then, we will just have to wait and see.