Brett Farve’s Honest Assessment of Tom Brady

Throughout the last few seasons, there have been lingering questions concerning how much longer star quarterback Tom Brady can continue to play at a high level. Brady has a strong desire to continue his NFL career for at least another year. But, some doubt that he can stay on the path of being a capable quarterback at this stage of his illustrious career. Hall of Famer Brett Favre has now chimed in on the subject, giving his honest opinion about Brady’s performance on the field as he heads into the offseason after his 20th season.

Tom Brady’s 2019 campaign

The New England Patriots headed into the 2019 season after capturing their sixth Super Bowl win in franchise history.

Like year’s past, New England had the label as being a Super Bowl-contending team yet again. They looked every bit the part through the first half of the year cruising to an undefeated mark. However, they struggled a bit offensively, which caused some internal concerns, which led to a dip in some production from Brady as he finished with 24 touchdown passes to eight interceptions and an 88.0 passer rating.

Outside of finishing seventh in the league with 4,057 passing yards, his numbers were notably lower than before as it was the first time since the torn ACL campaign in 2008 that he fell below 25 touchdown passes. Meanwhile, his passer rating was below 90 for the first time since the 2013 campaign.

Although there is concern about Brady’s production, a crucial part of that could be due to the lack of playmakers around him as Julian Edelman and James White were his only true passing game weapons. Nonetheless, the chatter around his playmaking ability at this stage of his career has come into question.

That has led to a Hall of Fame quarterback to weigh in on the matter.

Brett Favre’s take on Tom Brady

In the past few years, Hall of Famer Brett Favre has become more vocal through the media about his opinions regarding the NFL.

One of the topics that he has resided over is Brady’s career over the last couple of seasons. Favre has been quite supportive of the Patriots star quarterback and has voiced again in an interview with TMZ that he believes that he believes there hasn’t been any drop off in his performance on the field.

“Tom and I have had conversations over the last two or three years, after the season was over, where I felt the need to tell him my opinion, and I felt like his game had not declined one bit, and I feel the same way this year,” Favre told “I hear a lot of so-called experts say his age is catching up with him. I don’t see that. I see a quarterback still doing what he does but the cast around him was not up to par.”

There was a notable drop in Brady’s production, but the Patriots didn’t have the luxury of having players that can stretch the field. The team had lost Josh Gordon and then Antonio Brown, who could have both fulfilled that role for the passing game. Meanwhile, the absence of Rob Gronkowski certainly puts another significant dent into the Patriots offense.

Many factors were at play, but it clears that Favre doesn’t believe Brady’s game has fallen off one bit.

How much longer will Tom Brady play?

That is the burning question around Brady as he has seemingly already etched himself firmly in the conversation as being considered if not the greatest quarterback but one of the best in league history. It comes down to his desire to continue to extend his career.

Brady has made that much clear despite uncertainty around where he will play for the 2020 season and possibly beyond. He will have several options available to him in this next chapter of his career if he decides to leave the Patriots.

The 42-year-old has voiced on several occasions that he plans to play until age 45. That would put him in the league for a few more seasons, which would further add to his legacy. Ultimately, his overall health will be the dictator in terms of how much longer he plans to play. Only time will tell how many years he has left in him.