Brett Favre Dishes Out the Ultimate Compliment Toward Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers continues to add to first-ball Hall of Fame career with impressive NFL records. The Green Bay Packers star quarterback’s resurgence toward MVP-caliber production has brought forth plenty of praise in his direction this season. Among the latest is Brett Favre dishing out a huge compliment to his former teammate.

Aaron Rodgers adds another impressive feat to resume

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In the months leading into the 2020 season, the talk of outside doubt continued to creep up around Aaron Rodgers.

Rodgers has quickly put that to bed this season as he’s had an MVP-caliber campaign behind his elite production. He currently leads the league with 39 touchdown passes to four interceptions while ranking third with 3,685 passing yards and first with a 119.7 passer rating.

The 37-year-old further underlined his dominance as he became the first player with five seasons with at least 35 touchdown passes. Rodgers also reached the fastest mark for 400 career touchdown passes in 193 career games.

Rodgers hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down as he continues to cement his legacy as one of the NFL’s greatest quarterbacks. His continued excellence has caught his former teammate Brett Favre’s attention enough to issue a huge compliment.

Brett Favre voices huge praise toward Aaron Rodgers

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Since his retirement from the NFL, Brett Favre has kept a pulse on the league through the media.

Following Aaron Rodgers adding a pair of impressive NFL records to his resume, Favre boasted some significant praise toward his former Packers teammate during his SiriusXM NFL Radio show.

“I think he, aside from the [number of] Super Bowls, he may be the greatest player ever. I say this all the time, Tom Brady is the greatest player ever if we’re measuring from a Super Bowl [perspective], ” Favre said. “And, statistic-wise, Tom has put up tremendous statistics and has won six Super Bowls. But Aaron is, believe me, the Packers are good year in and year out because of him.

“And his statistics certainly speak for themselves. I mean, he’s not doing anything to jeopardize the team. I’m just amazed at how prolific he is and takes care of the ball in the process. Just an incredible player [and] makes everyone around him just so much better.”

Favre’s comments should hold much weight given his career pedigree an all-time great at his position. The conversation around the GOAT quarterback is one that is dominated by Tom Brady due to his six Super Bowl wins along with the numerous NFL records to his name.

Despite Rodgers having only one Super Bowl win, he has repeatedly demonstrated his dominance throughout his career. He is the definition of a franchise quarterback for the Packers that has guided them to tremendous success over the last decade-plus. Favre clearly recognizes that, and what helps Rodgers’ case in the argument is that his career remains an open book.

NFL career remains an open book

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Aaron Rodgers has already stacked up what will be a first-ballot Hall of Fame career, but there is plenty more left in him.

Rodgers has repeatedly voiced that he has no desire to retire anytime soon with hopes to play well into his 40s. Be it in Green Bay or another franchise, as long as he proves he can perform at a high level, he will have every chance to play as long as he hopes.

The 37-year-old is still performing like one of the game’s best talents while the Packers’ Super Bowl hopes remain firmly in his hands. The table is set for Rodgers to further strengthen his argument in the GOAT quarterback conversation.