Brian Burns Has a Threatening Message for Patriots QB Mac Jones Following Their Controversial Encounter: ‘I Wish All My Fellow D-End Brothers Happy Hunting’

The Carolina Panthers are all of a sudden the talk of the town in the NFL. Between Cam Newton signing back with the Panthers to Brian Burns’ controversial encounter with New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones, Carolina can’t seem to keep themselves out of the spotlight.

While the Newton storyline is heartwarming, the ongoing saga between Burns and Jones is far less joyful. The two got tangled up during a play in Week 9, which resulted in Jones twisting Burns’ ankle and sending him to the ground.

Needless to say, Burns isn’t thrilled over the whole ordeal.

Brian Burns has a threatening message for Mac Jones

On the outside looking in, Jones’ decision to latch onto Burns’ ankle appeared intentional. Even if he thought Burns had the football (he didn’t), the extra twist toward the end of the play signals that Jones had sinister intentions.

It’s one thing to grab onto an ankle or leg during the heat of the moment. It’s another to full-on twist someone’s body part into an awkward position. That looks dirty.

Burns clearly agrees for what it’s worth. The Panthers’ star edge rusher was noticeably frustrated on the field following the incident, and his following postgame comments paint the picture of someone who is pretty pissed off. Burns’ direct message to Jones was one of revenge, calling for rival defensive ends around the NFL to take note of Jones’ dirty play.

“It would be nice to have an apology, but it’s not going to happen,” Burns said. “However the NFL handles it, it’s on them. I would just like to play them again.

“I wish all my fellow D-end brothers happy hunting. That’s all.”

Mac Jones isn’t apologizing to Brian Burns

To make matters even worse for the Patriots’ young starting quarterback, he seemingly has no desire to apologize to Burns anytime soon. The public reaction to the play has been overwhelming negatively, causing many to believe Jones would issue a formal apology. Instead, Jones is simply trying to brush past the whole ordeal.

“I already addressed that situation,” Jones said. “I’m just looking forward to playing in this game with the guys we have on our team this week. So we’re already kind of moving forward and ready to play this week.”

Not exactly a good look for Jones, especially during his rookie season.

Is Jones setting himself up for a life of pain moving forward?

Brian Burns and Mac Jones.
Mac Jones walks off the field with Brian Burns, who is injured on the ground in the background | Jim Davis/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

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Entering his rookie season, Jones already had a target on his back more prominent than most. He was drafted out of Alabama right into New England — two of Earth’s most influential football programs. All eyes were on Jones.

While Jones has largely impressed through his first nine weeks of professional football, this incident with a respected veteran in Brian Burns makes the target on his back unnecessarily more significant. Players around the league are going to take note, especially rival defensive linemen.

Jones could find himself the victim of a few tougher-than-usual hits moving forward.

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