Brian Dawkins Urges the Eagles to Stick With Jalen Hurts in 2022

The Philadelphia Eagles quarterback position is a complicated subject these days. On the one hand, they have an ascending young passer in Jalen Hurts, who led Philadelphia to the playoffs during his first full season starting. On the other hand, the Eagles have three first-round picks in the 2022 NFL Draft and are frequently mentioned as a team looking to swing a franchise-altering trade for a veteran quarterback.

Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, Deshaun Watson, and even Derek Carr have been mentioned as possible trade targets for the Eagles this offseason.

Everyone has an opinion on the matter. Some fans want the team to stick with Hurts for another year; others want the team to capitalize on the chance of landing a superstar at the position.

Hall of Famer Brian Dawkins urges the Eagles to stick with Jalen Hurts in 2022

As the debate rages on, legendary Eagles safety and Hall of Famer Brian Dawkins chimed in with his opinion. He strongly believes Philadelphia should avoid a blockbuster trade. He wants it to stick with Hurts for at least one more year.

“He has a level of fight in him that you should love,” Dawkins told NBC Sports Philadelphia’s John Clark. “And the dude is extremely talented on the field. He’s not all of a sudden at the best he is ever going to be in, really, his rookie year.”

Dawkins isn’t being shy about his beliefs. He’s vouching for Hurts, stating that the former Oklahoma and Alabama passer will only get better as his NFL career progresses. Considering Hurts doesn’t turn 24 years old until August, it’s hard to disagree with Dawkins’ point on the potential for development. Hurts is still very young.

Jalen Hurts’ likability could be swaying opinion

Eagles players Brian Dawkins and Jalen Hurts.
Brian Dawkins and Jalen Hurts | Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM, Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Hurts put up solid numbers during the 2021 NFL season. He led the league in quarterback rushing yards and scored 26 total touchdowns. However, it’s becoming clear that it’s not his performance that is causing so many supporters to speak up.

Yes, Hurts was good enough to win games for the Eagles last season. However, his struggles moving the ball through the air became excruciatingly clear during the playoffs. He threw two interceptions and recorded a 60.0 passer rating in the Wild Card Round. That’s challenging to defend.

However, Hurts is a strong leader and a super likable figure. Almost all of the reports from the Philly locker room paint him as a favorite amongst players, coaches, trainers, and former players. He’s a hard worker who seemingly has a natural tendency to draw people’s support.

The Eagles need to decide what they care about more, winning or development

Brian Dawkins knows a thing or two about the NFL. It’s hard to discount his opinion of Hurts. However, in the same breath, the Eagles need to come to a firm decision on what their offseason goal is.

Are they committed to building the super-likable Hurts up as the new face of the franchise? Or are they committed to fielding the best roster possible in 2022?

If it’s the latter, then GM Howie Roseman needs to pull the trigger on bringing one of the before-mentioned veteran QBs to Philadelphia. The NFC will be wide open next year with Tom Brady retired and Aaron Rodgers potentially leaving Green Bay.

Either way, this is a decision that will cause unrest in Eagles nation. Half the fan base wants to see the team go all-in and contend in 2022; half the fan base wants Hurts to get another year or two under center, as Dawkins suggests.

All stats courtesy of Pro Football Reference.

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