Brian Urlacher: This Is How Defenses Should Play Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes recently renewed his contract for half a billion dollars. Former Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher sat down with Pat McAfee on his podcast to discuss the future of Kansas City’s franchise and Mahomes’ incredible deal. They also talked about the only chance defensive lines have to withstand the mighty quarterback.

How Brian Urlacher feels about Patrick Mahomes’ new contract

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When asked how he felt about Patrick Mahomes signing for half a billion dollars, Urlacher responded. “He deserved it.” McAfee responded, “I agree, 100%. This is a baseball contract for the first time in the NFL.”

Urlacher continued, “I like seeing guys get paid who deserve the money and that dude earned it, deserves it. He is a badass. I’m a huge fan of his.”

McAfee questioned the former Bears defensive player about what he thinks other teams need to do to shut down the Chief’s unstoppable offense. He acknowledged that the Chiefs struggled early on last season against a couple of teams. The Colts and several other teams beat them, but McAfee said that was at the beginning of the season.

An unstoppable offense

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McAfee claimed that Mahomes said, “I didn’t even understand what the defense was doing until about halfway through the season last year.” The podcast host asked his guest, “When you have that many weapons, what the hell do you do, Brian?”

Urlacher reminisced to his days as a defensive player, suggesting that the Bears would play Cover 2. The linebacker said, “That’s all we did … We would give up 3, 4, 5 yards a pile … Once in a while, they would hit us for the long run, and we just played like bend but don’t break.” Urlacher said that when they had a chance to blitz, they would take it if they had a favorable down distance. He claims, “We just played Cover 2, and for the most part, we were pretty successful doing that.”

The Pro Football Hall of Famer feels that teams aren’t patient enough anymore, according to NBC Sports. He thinks they get mad too quickly and want to take a shot, which puts them in a bad situation. He explained that the Bears defensive line was very patient with the Cover 2 strategy, saying, “We just kept playing it. I didn’t always like it, but Lovie was always patient with us in calling Cover 2.”

He also said that they always got good pressure with four guys and didn’t have to always blitz to get that pressure. He said that they had guys that were good enough up front to get pressure to four.

Kansas City Chiefs’ offensive line

McAfee acknowledged that the Chiefs offensive line is very good right now. He foresees there being a problem two years from now when a lot of guys going up will be expecting big money. He questioned how the Chiefs would be able to pay everyone, albeit a problem for Coach Andy Reid and team owner Brett Veach to figure out.

When asked to explain Cover 2, Urlacher said it is basically just keeping everything in front of you. He said, “just have your safeties play deep, keep your middle linebacker down the middle of the field, and hopefully get the pressure of four, but keep everything in front of you.” McAfee reiterated by saying, “Keep everything in front of you. Just don’t let anybody over the top.”

Offering some of the best advice out there right now for going up against a half-billion-dollar quarterback, Urlacher said that the defense needs to be patient when dealing with a strong offensive line such as the Kansas City Chiefs.