Brian Urlacher Was Shocked When the Packers Drafted Aaron Rodgers’ Successor

Aaron Rodgers was the Packers’ first-round draft pick in 2005. He backed up Brett Favre until 2008 when he earned the coveted starting QB position. The eight-time Pro Bowler has an impressive list of achievements during his 15 years in Green Bay. The 36-year-old led the Packers to a Super Bowl XLV win and was named MVP in that game.

Former Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher recently expressed his shock at Green Bay’s 2020 first-round draft pick. In an interview on The Pat McAfee Show, he discussed the unbelievable decision that could possibly force Rodgers out of the Badger State.

Aaron Rodgers’ career with the Green Bay Packers

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The future NFL Hall of Famer is under contract with the Packers for another four years until the 2023 season. To date, Rodgers has thrown for 46,946 yards and 364 touchdowns. The star quarterback has played in 181 games with a 64.6% completion rate, according to Pro Football Reference.

Management has assured their starting quarterback that his position with the team is secure, despite the incoming rookie. General Manager Brian Gutekunst stated on the Packer’s official website, “We have the best quarterback in the National Football League, and we plan to have him for a while competing for championships.”

Head coach Matt LaFleur told, “Obviously Aaron Rodgers is the leader of this football team, and my expectation is that he will be for a long time.” 

Preparing for the future

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In the 2020 NFL draft, the Packers made an unexpected move by trading up in the first round to grab quarterback Jordan Love.

Fans and analysts, and most likely Rodgers himself, agree that management should have gone after a wide receiver or tight end in the first round to support the starting quarterback. Many are wondering if the statements from Green Bay’s head office are just empty promises.

Favre recently said in an interview on the Rich Eisen Show, per CBS Sports, “I think Aaron will finish somewhere else — that’s my gut. I don’t know for certain, but I guarantee you it’s got the wheel turning in Aaron’s mind, which if that’s the case, then that means there’s a chip on his shoulder toward the organization that otherwise was not there.”

What Brian Urlacher has to say

Urlacher told Pat McAfee, “I was shocked at that draft pick, but they did the same thing to Brett. They drafted Aaron in the first round, and Brett still played, what, three more years before Aaron got in there.”

The former Bears defensive player continued by saying, “The thing that’s amazing about Aaron to me is that he doesn’t turn the football over. He gets all the pressure. He has good receivers, don’t get me wrong. You look at every year, and it’s usually all on him. He does not turn the football over. He does not make bad decisions.”

Rodgers reaches out to the rookie QB

In Rodgers’ first public statement about the draft pick, he said his “general reaction at first was surprise, like many people.” Rodgers added, “Not going to say I was thrilled by the pick.” He claims he doesn’t hold anything against the young rookie QB, saying, “He’s not to blame at all.”

As CBS Sports reports, the two-time MVP reached out to the Love to welcome him to the team. He apparently wanted to remove any tension that may exist from this questionable move. The Utah State quarterback told ESPN, “I was able to talk with him earlier. You know, really good guy. [He was] just congratulating me, and I was just letting him know that I was excited to be able to work with him.”

When learning that he was heading to Green Bay, Love told reporters, “Being able to be in Green Bay and be behind Aaron Rodgers, that’s one of the guys I grew up watching, learned how to do it from him,” Love said. “I would say that this is a really good situation to be in. I’m behind one of the great quarterbacks in the league. So just being able to sit behind him and learn, what’s better than that?”