Patrick Mahomes’ New Nickname Doesn’t Sit Well With His Closest Allies

The quarterback battle will be the center of attention for Super Bowl 55. The legend, Tom Brady, is looking to add another Super Bowl ring, cementing his place as the greatest to ever play. The young phenom, Patrick Mahomes, wants to prevent the seventh ring for Brady while adding a second Super Bowl to his collection.

The talk around the quarterbacks leading up to the big game has been nonstop. There have been numerous discussions about what the game would mean between both signal-callers. However, Brittany Matthews, Patrick Mahomes’ fiance, and another significant other of a Kansas City Chiefs’ player have an issue with how No. 15 is being addressed leading up to his matchup with Brady.

The G.O.A.T vs. the Baby G.O.A.T

There is no question that Tom Brady is the G.O.A.T of the NFL. He has the most Super Bowl rings of any player in league history and could extend his lead if he gets No. 7.

His name is all over the record books, passing yards, passing touchdowns, completions, or wins. Brady has been able to dominate the NFL for the past two decades consistently. There’s no disputing he the NFL’s G.O.A.T — at least for now.

Patrick Mahomes has had the best start to an NFL career for a quarterback in league history. He already has an MVP award, a Super Bowl ring, and a Super Bowl MVP award. He’s signed the biggest deal ever with the $503 million extension back in the summer.

Mahomes’ play has been extraordinary, using his athleticism to extend plays. His rocket arm, intelligence, charisma, and pure talent make him such a lethal weapon

If Mahomes can continue this career trajectory, he has a shot at eclipsing Brady as the greatest of all time. He’s shown that he has more skill and talent than Brady, only three seasons in as the starter. This Super Bowl plays a significant factor in Mahomes’ pursuit of Brady as the G.O.A.T.

Nobody could’ve asked for a better quarterback matchup for the Super Bowl. It could be the greatest quarterback matchup in the 55-year history of the game. The G.O.A.T in Brady is going up against the Baby G.O.A.T in Mahomes. This G.O.A.T/Baby G.O.A.T narrative heading into the big game has Brittney Matthews annoyed with sports media outlets fueling that narrative.

Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce’s girlfriend don’t like ‘Baby G.O.A.T’ nickname 

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When the nickname “Baby G.O.A.T” was given to Mahomes, it was thought of as a sign of endearment. It’s meant to signal that Brady is the current greatest of all time, but Mahomes is waiting in the wings.

Brittney Matthews doesn’t think too fondly of the nickname, and neither does Kayla Nicole. Nicole is the girlfriend of Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, and she took to Twitter to blast the “corny” nickname.

“I’d like to go on record and say that I think it’s corny y’all calling a grown man a ‘baby’ goat. And I hope you eat your words tomorrow [Sunday]. Thank you, that is all”, Nicole tweeted

One Twitter user responded to Nicole, asking her if the name is supposed to compliment Mahomes. She replied to the question by saying there are better nickname options than “Baby G.O.A.T.”

“You wanna be called a “baby” in comparison to a BIG GOAT? Lmao There’s better options,” Nicole tweeted.

Matthews chimed in on the debate, tweeting in support of Nicole’s statement. She “couldn’t agree more” with Nicole’s analysis. She isn’t a fan of her man being considered a baby in any aspect, even if it is complimentary. Matthews will be giving birth to a Baby G.O.A.T soon, as she is pregnant with Mahomes’ child. That’ll be the right instance to use the nickname.

Passing of the torch in Super Bowl 55

Despite the mixed reviews of the nickname “Baby G.O.A.T,” this game does have that kind of feeling. Brady, who is age 43, clearly on the back nine of his career, looking for one more ring, has been the unquestioned G.O.A.T at the quarterback position.

He is similar to Lebron James in the NBA. Many have tried to knock him off the throne as the greatest, but he keeps reminding others that he’ll relinquish the throne on his terms.

However, Patrick Mahomes is ready to take the torch (or throne) from Brady. He’s shown that he can handle being the face of the NFL and has Brady on the ropes.

He’s beaten Brady the last two times they faced each other, evening the head to head matchup to 2-2. This could be the last time they face each other, as Brady has one year on his contract and doesn’t play Kansas City in 2021.

This Super Bowl will be a passing (or retaining) of the torch. If Mahomes can outduel Brady, the torch will be given to him as the new king of the NFL. If Brady wins, he’ll keep the torch for one more season. Matthews and Nicole hope Mahomes eviscerates Brady and the Bucs so that the “Baby G.O.A.T” nickname can go away.

Who knew a simple nickname would get pushback, especially from the significant other the name was given to. She had backup also, which resembles the relationship Mahomes has with Kelce; they always got each other’s backs no matter the scenario. Their girlfriends took a chapter out of their book, defending Mahomes from the “Baby G.O.A.T” moniker.