Brock Lesnar Nearly Lost His Life to a Deadly Illness

Over nearly the last two decades, Brock Lesnar has put forth an impressive career in many different realms in the world of sports. He has become one of the most well-known professional athletes that has had much of his success in a wrestling ring with the WWE. However, during his time in the octagon with the UFC, he experienced a potentially life-threatening illness that could have ended everything.

Brock Lesnar’s wide-ranging career

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Before Brock Lesnar rose to national stardom, he was prominent in the amateur wrestling scene as he excelled at an elite level.

He won the National junior college Athletic Association heavyweight championship at Bismarck State College. He won the 2000 NCAA Division I heavyweight title in his senior year at the University of Minnesota, where he held a 106-5 overall collegiate record. Lesnar then made his run through the WWE, where he quickly became one of the biggest attractions in the industry.

That has seen become an eight-time world champion while he has won numerous notable events in the business such as King of the Ring, 2003 Royal Rumble, and handed the Undertaker his first WrestleMania loss. Lesnar has been a juggernaut in wrestling, but he has also tried his hand in MMA that saw him go through a situation that nearly took his life.

Brock Lesnar experiences illness

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Brock Lesnar’s first tenure with the WWE ended after 2004, which led to him pursuing other ventures in the squared circle in Japan and trying his hand in the NFL. Lesnar guided his way to the MMA world, where he was quickly picked up by the UFC.

It didn’t take long for him to make an impact and become one of the biggest attractions that saw him beat Randy Couture for the UFC heavyweight championship in his fourth match. Ahead of his third title defense that was scheduled to be against Shane Carwin, Lesnar in 2009 at had to pull himself out due to dealing with diverticulitis, which is an intestinal disease that inflames the walls of the large intestine and pouches form on the colon wall.

The condition came about after a hunting trip in Canada, which he initially checked himself into a hospital but didn’t receive the proper treatment. That led to getting medical help in North Dakota, where he was treated correctly and diagnosed. Lesnar’s situation was compounded as he was also dealing with mononucleosis. It was so severe that it required immediate surgery.

How Brock Lesnar nearly died

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It was during the surgery process that things headed into a rough direction as doctors found that feces were leaking out of his colon and into the rest of his body.

The doctors had to operate quickly as that could have led to him possibly suffer other types of illness that could have seen things head south in a hurry. He was able to steer clear of the condition for two years, but it came back in 2011 to which he had to have a foot of his colon removed. In his book entitled “Death Clutch,” he spoke in detail about the situation. (H/T Sportskeeda)

“I have a high threshold for pain, higher than most guys, and I couldn’t deal with it. It felt like I had taken a shotgun blast to the stomach, and then someone poured in some salt and Tabasco and stirred it all up with a nasty pitchfork.” 

It was a situation that could have easily been fatal if not appropriately handled by the doctors in North Dakota. He was able to resume his professional career as he successfully beat Carwin in 2010 before losing the UFC heavyweight title to Cain Velasquez. He has had two more MMA fights and has continued to be a staple for the WWE as a part-time talent over the last several years.