Broncos QB Blake Bortles May Love Beyonce Like He Does Touchdowns

Blake Bortles is back in the NFL, and his massive cult following along with him.

Bortles, the former No. 3 overall pick, signed with the Denver Broncos after starter Drew Lock suffered a shoulder injury. Nicknamed the ‘BOAT,’ or ‘Best of All Time,’ by his large following, Bortles will back up Jeff Driskel until Lock returns.

Blake Bortles threw plenty of touchdowns during his time with the Jacksonville Jaguars, but there may be something he prefers to scoring: Beyoncé.

Blake Bortles is in his seventh NFL season

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Blake Bortles’ statistics don’t show someone affectionally nicknamed the ‘BOAT.’ That is only part of why he has that title, of course.

A former star quarterback at UCF, Bortles looked to be the Jacksonville Jaguars’ savior when they used the third overall pick on him in the 2014 NFL draft.

Things didn’t quite work out that way. Bortles flashed at times and led the Jaguars to an AFC championship game appearance after the 2017 season, but never grew past his gunslinger tendencies.

Bortles spent last season backing up Jared Goff on the Los Angeles Rams. With Denver needing a new backup quarterback for Jeff Driskel, the Broncos signed Bortles.

Bortles impressed at times in Jacksonville

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Statistically speaking, Blake Bortles is arguably the second-best quarterback in Jaguars history. What does that say about the quality of quarterbacks the Jaguars have had since entering the league in 1995?

Bortles completed 59.3% of his passes for 16,649 yards, 103 touchdowns, and 75 interceptions in 75 games (73 starts) for the Jaguars from 2014-18.

The only problem was Bortles went just 24-49 in those 73 starts and won just six games in a season once: the Jaguars’ 10-6 showing in 2017.

Bortles also threw an interception on 2.8% of his passes in a Jaguars uniform.

Only Mark Brunell, the Jaguars’ starter from 1995-2003, had higher numbers in all major categories. Brunnell completed 60.4% of his passes in a Jaguars uniform for 25,698 yards, 144 touchdowns, and 86 interceptions.

Blake Bortles is apparently a Beyoncé fan

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Considering Beyoncé is one of the music industry’s most popular acts of the 2000s, one can understand why Blake Bortles appears to be a fan.

On a 2014 episode of SB Nation’s “Answer the Question,” Bortles answered a trivia question involving Beyonce. That sounds innocent enough, right?

Fast forward to August 2016, when Bortles used Beyoncé’s name in a no-huddle call. Although the list of names involved sports figures and other women, the inclusion of Beyoncé and Kate Upton stood out.

According to ESPN, Bortles admitted he loved using those different names in no-huddle.

“I think the guys enjoy it. I think it allows us to get going and tire the defense out and kind of simplify things. Guys are on top of it and smart with all the terms, I think, so I think it’s going to be something that’ll help us out.”

And if Jay-Z ever inquired about why the Jaguars’ starting quarterback used his wife’s name at the line of scrimmage, Bortles already prepared his defense.

Asked about his favorite call, Bortles went down a different path.

“Selena Gomez is No. 1,” he said.

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