Bronny James Has NBA Fans More Excited Than Ever

It’s difficult to think of a more anticipated NBA prospect in recent history than young Bronny James — that is, other than his father LeBron James. The two were recently seen at a Campbell Hall versus Sierra Canyon High School game where Bronny dazzled on the court. A particular Kobe-tribute alley-oop (seen at 3:10 of the video below) made LeBron leap out of his seat.

Bronny James’ big slam

Knowing that fans will get to watch Bronny’s rise to almost-guaranteed NBA stardom has been a real treat for the game of basketball. Although it’s impossible to predict a young player’s path, Bronny’s progress so far has impressed even his harshest critics.

Last year, LeBron and Bronny were instrumental in landing a sponsorship deal for his young AAU team. It’s likely the first of dozens if not hundreds over Bronny’s career, and it doesn’t look like it’s taken his mind off the game.

How tall is Bronny?

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Bronny’s official height is listed anywhere from 6-foot-2 to 6-foot-4. Some fans believe he has plenty of room to grow. When LeBron was Bronny’s age, he was the same height: about 6-foot-3.

Despite a doctor telling LeBron he likely wouldn’t grow past that height, reports Real GM, the future star shot up another five inches in high school. He hit 6-foot-8 when his NBA career started. Given how much of LeBron’s game is built on his imposing physicality, it’s safe to say his final growth spurt was a factor.

Plenty of great players between 6-foot-2 and 6-foot-4 perform well in the NBA, but a few more inches certainly wouldn’t hurt. Due to Bronny’s rapid ascent, it’s easy to imagine a future where he’s in the NBA alongside his father. But when a reporter asked LeBron if he planned to play on the same team as his son (possibly the Knicks), King James laughed it off.

“My son in ninth grade, man. Trying to worry about what project we gotta turn in tomorrow. That’s what we worried about right now. That’s what’s important. School, home, and being the best big brother he can be.”

LeBron knows the struggle of splitting his priorities and growing up in the spotlight. It’s no surprise he’s passed this along to his son along with his GOAT-level genes.

Bronny inherits LeBron James’ legendary work ethic

Bronny James of Sierra Canyon Trailblazers looks on during warmups
Bronny James of Sierra Canyon Trailblazers during warmups | Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

The 15-year-old seems destined for basketball greatness. A big part of this doesn’t have anything to do with his height or genetics. Bronny and his little brother, Bryce, both inherited LeBron’s work ethic. No one in the James family is afraid of practice.

Although LeBron often makes headlines for his massive dunks, his Basketball IQ plays are even more impressive. Whether he’s passing it through a defender’s legs or no-look tossing it across the court to an open man under the basket, his biggest gift is his ability to constantly improve.

Much of this comes from relentless practice. It’s great to see he’s passed that work ethic down to Bronny and Bryce.

What the future holds for Bronny

Bronny could make it to the NBA and eclipse his father or he could burn out after high school. Most likely, the forward will land somewhere in the middle. But the pressure of an entire country rests on the shoulders of a kid just finishing up his freshman year of high school.

Bronny has shown a remarkable ability to handle criticism and attention. Despite blessing him with his name, LeBron isn’t interested in giving his oldest son too much media attention. Bronny has four years minimum before he makes it to the NBA. Until then, fans are content to just watch him dunk over young four- and five-star recruits.

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