Brooks Koepka and His Girlfriend Jena Sims Are Still Dating Over 3 Years Later — Someone Tell Joe Buck

Brooks Koepka is a consistent performer on the PGA Tour. Another area he shows stellar consistency is his dating life. Koepka has been with Jena Sims for three years. Not everyone is aware of this, however, including sportscaster Joe Buck. Let’s look at the Koepka and Sims’ relationship and how Buck mistakenly referred to Sims as Koepka’s ex after a big victory.

Who is Brooks Koepka’s girlfriend, Jena Sims? 

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Sims has been with Koepka for several years. She’s both a model and an actress. According to The Sun, the 31-year-old first came to fame as a competitor in the 2007 Miss Teen USA pageant. She didn’t place, but that didn’t stop her career.

Sims appeared in the horror-comedy Attack of the 50 Foot Cheerleader in the main role. In the film, she plays a college student named Cassie Stratford who grows to be 50 feet tall after taking an experimental drug. She also starred in Sharknado 5: Global Swarming and Three-Headed Shark Attack. On the small screen, she’s appeared on TV shows like One Tree Hill, Dexter, and Entourage. 

Sims’ charitable endeavors include operating a non-profit known as Pageant of Hope. The organization puts on beauty pageants for differently-abled children. 

Koepka and Sims’ relationship

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In an interview with Golf Digest, Brooks Koepka’s girlfriend says she gets to see a lot of his tournaments. Koepka once said he felt like Sims must get bored in the crowd — no surprise due to his past comments on the sport. According to Sims, however, it’s quite the contrary. Her father played golf, so she grew up around the game.

Sims also said her acting career gives her the flexibility to attend a lot of Koepka’s events. Because she’s not in a 9-to-5 job, she has the ability to travel with him. How did the two meet? Sims said it was at one of golf’s most prestigious events in 2015. As she tells it, Koepka’s memory of the meeting is much stronger than hers: 

“We met at the 2015 Masters. And that’s so special because I’m from Georgia, so it’s perfect. We were on Hole 7, which I don’t even remember, but he’s like, ‘Oh, I remember what you were wearing, where we were standing, everything.’ It was cool … We were just friends at that point.”

The awkward time Joe Buck misidentified Brooks Koepka’s girlfriend

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Sims first made the golf news for a gaffe. After Koepka won the 2017 U.S. Open, Buck referred to Sims as one of Koepka’s past girlfriends. Sims said the reaction was swift: “My phone LIT up. It was half like, ‘Congratulations to Brooks!’ And the other half were, ‘Did you hear what happened?’ … I was like, ‘It’s OK, life continues. We’re just fine. It was an honest mistake.”

One fortunate thing for the pair was that their post-win celebration shielded them from the blowback: 

“I think being that we went to Vegas right after the win for five days, we kind of escaped it. We were in our own little world in Vegas celebrating. So we didn’t really have to experience what the media blew it up to be. We were by the pool and the casino just hanging out, no worries about that at all. And Brooks ended up meeting Joe Buck. They’re totally cool.”

Brook Koepka’s girlfriend, Jena Sims, on celebrating in Vegas

Sims and Koepka are still going strong. Even Buck’s poorly-timed mistake couldn’t derail their relationship.