Brooks Koepka’s Girlfriend, Jena Sims, Reveals the Golfer’s Secret Love: ‘He Would Never Admit It’

Golf fans know Brooks Koepka’s golf game, but they’re not as familiar with his personal life. The 30-year-old has dated Jena Sims, a social media star and actress, for about three years. Given her background in entertainment, Sims isn’t afraid to do interviews about life with the pro golfer.

Occasionally, she lets out a secret or two about Koepka that golf fans don’t know. In one interview, she revealed her beau’s secret love, something she says he wouldn’t admit.

Brooks Koepka’s girlfriend, Jena Sims

Koepka and Sims met at the 2015 Masters and subsequently start dating. She recalls to Golf Digest they met on the seventh hole but doesn’t remember much about that day. Koepka, on the other hand, claims to remember what she wore and “everything” about the moment.

The couple first making headlines together at the 2017 U.S. Open when Sims stood by her boyfriend’s side as he received the trophy for winning his first major tournament. This was noteworthy because Fox announcer Joe Buck misidentified Sims, calling her Becky Edwards, a pro soccer player who Koepka previously dated. The moment went viral on social media.

Sims travels with Koepka on the tour as much as she can. She says she enjoys being able to watch him and support him in person because “he’s so talented. It’s so much fun to watch him.” She enjoys being in the galleries and hearing what the fans have to say about Koepka.

Koepka and Sims’ time together

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Sims says her father is a good golfer and she “dabbles” in the sport, but she admits that Koepka would have to give her lessons before she can play a full 18. This might be hard, though, because the couple doesn’t talk about golf much in their free time.

Sims says he’ll mention the sport a little, then stop and that’ll be the end of the conversation. That’s because of all the work Koepka puts in to stay at the top of his game. Sims says he wakes up and works out. During an off week, he practices all day. When Koepka gets home, they’ll watch TV or maybe go out to dinner. They do work out together, but don’t overdo it because, as Sims says, “We spend enough time together as is.”

Koepka’s secret love of dressing up

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When asked to discuss one thing about Koepka that most people don’t know but she thinks is cool, Sims went straight to what she considers his secret love. “He loooves to get dressed up,” she shared, but “he would never admit it.” According to Sims, Koepka doesn’t get many chances to dress up, so he takes advantage of it when he can.

The actress shared that “he loves wearing a suit,” and “he just felt so cool in his suit” when they attended the ESPYs together as well as a Rolex party. Most people wouldn’t know that because fans see him in his Nike gear at golf tournaments, and even when they go to dinner. Sims explains “just wearing a V-neck feels like dressing up for him.” But Koepka has a lot of suits, and “he loves wearing them.”

One thing Koepka doesn’t love? Ketchup. That, in fact, is one of the things the two bonded over as they got to know each other, according to Sims. She also doesn’t care for the popular condiment and admits to not knowing why they don’t like it.