Browns Owner Jimmy Haslam Unknowingly Blasts Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones

The community for the NFL owners has been quite testy at times that have seen them go through various tough situations over the years. There isn’t exactly mutual fondness around the league with the different owners around the league. It has seen those internal conflicts rise up again as Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is at the center of the entire situation once again. Jones was at the recipient of a witty and direct comment from Cleveland Browns Jimmy Haslam.

Jerry Jones’ reputation with the NFL

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Jerry Jones has earned the reputation of being one of the most outspoken owners in the league.

Jones has often spearheaded discussions and situations that have often led to notable changes in the NFL. That hasn’t always rubbed the other team owners the right way as he has been among the most vocal.

He is easily the most recognizable owner in the league, as he has had a very hands-on approach to dealings with his franchise. Jones is the only owner interviewed after seemingly every game, while many of his peers have chosen to go the opposite route. He has also been labeled one of the most difficult owners to deal with at times due to his stubbornness and massive control over his franchise’s decision-making that many believe has limited his team’s success.

For better or worse, it has painted him in the corner as being one of the most discussed owners in the league. Over the years, he has shown no fear in discussing nearly any topic while that hasn’t exactly endeared him to all of his colleagues.

Jimmy Haslam send subtle shot at Jerry Jones

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With that known, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that not every fellow team owner is enamored with Jerry Jones.

Some don’t exactly agree with how Jones goes about handling things in such a public manner. According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, Browns owner Jimmy Haslam recently got in a comment slighting the Cowboys owner during a virtual meeting without possibly knowing it was going public.

“The Browns owner Jimmy Haslam joked and I quote “They should keep Jerry on permanent mute. Jimmy wasn’t on mute when he said it and all the owners heard Jimmy Haslam.”

It’s quite clear that Haslam has had enough of Jones even if it was playfully. The comments made by him didn’t have any ill-will or vitriol behind. These are just interesting comments given that Jones previously voiced that Haslam was a “top-five owner” in the NFL. He also praised his commitment to the team and work ethic.

Of course, there was no intention of these comments becoming public, but it does spice things up a bit in terms of how his peers may perceive Jones. There is always a little shed of truth in any joke.

Jerry Jones and Jimmy Haslam will likely silence the conversation

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It’s a situation that will likely get overblown, but the timing of Haslam’s comments were likely just a spur of the moment thing.

There wasn’t any ill-will behind them, but rather that it fit seemingly well at that time with Jones likely being unable to hear what was being said. The Cowboys owner is one of the most outspoken and to see him on mute was in Haslam’s mind the opposite of what his colleague is used to being.

The two will likely discuss the matter personally to avoid that situation for as light-hearted as it may have been from lingering on more than it should.