Bruce Arians Calls Another Player Not Named Tom Brady the ‘Perfect’ Quarterback

Bruce Arians has garnered decades of experience coaching in the NFL, which has put him around some of the game’s best quarterbacks. It has guided Arians over to becoming the Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach, where he is dealing directly with Tom Brady. With that in mind, he recently gave an interesting answer with who he believes is the “perfect” quarterback he’s worked with, and it’s not Brady.

Bruce Arians’ resume working with NFL quarterbacks

Since entering the NFL coaching ranks in the late 1980s, Bruce Arians has worked his way around the league to coaching some of the game’s best quarterback talent.

Arians had his first chance with the Indianapolis Colts coaching Peyton Manning early in his career. A few seasons later, that was followed up with an eight-year stint with the Pittsburgh Steelers that saw him become the offensive coordinator for five years working directly with Ben Roethlisberger.

He returned to the Colts for a year in 2012, where he coached Andrew Luck in his rookie campaign. A five-year stretch followed it as the Arizona Cardinals’ head coach, where he helped bring the best years out of Carson Palmer. That has led to becoming the Buccaneers’ head coach in each of the last two seasons that have presented the chance to work with Tom Brady.

With the plethora of years of experience, Arians had an interesting selection for who he believed was the perfect quarterback.

Bruce Arians believes Andrew Luck was the “perfect” quarterback

Over his NFL coaching career, Bruce Arians had the privilege to coach some of the game’s best quarterbacks.

That has given some tremendous perspective and reputation for helping groom those players. During a recent interview with Diana Russini of ESPN, Arians pinpointed former Indianapolis Colts star Andrew Luck as the “perfect” NFL quarterback.

Luck had his career cut short due to injuries that mentally drained him after just eight seasons. During his brief time in the league, he established himself as one of the game’s top quarterbacks as he guided the Colts back to relevancy. He led the franchise to the AFC title game while earning four Pro Bowl selections, an NFL Comeback Player of the Year award (2018), and holds several league records.

Luck posted strong production with his arm while possessing mobility that made him a factor out of the pocket. He also threw more than 30 touchdown passes in three out of the last four seasons that he played. The fact that Arians thinks so highly of him only further underlines what could have been if he continued to play football and not step away from the game at age 29.

Eyeing to win Super Bowl with Tom Brady


For Tom Brady and the Buccaneers, Fast Starts Aren’t Enough

Arians holds the unique opportunity in the 2020 season to coach future first-ballot Hall of Famer Tom Brady.

Since the disappointing loss in Week 1, the Buccaneers have reeled off three straight wins behind Brady’s performance. He has continued to show improvement as the season has progressed. Brady is coming off his best performance with five touchdown passes in the win over the LA Chargers.

It made him the oldest player to reach that feat at age 43 while it marked the first time he threw a touchdown pass to five different teammates in a game. There have been moments where Brady has looked his age, but it’s primarily been optimistic as he has excelled with the talent around him.

There will be hurdles ahead in the stacked NFC, but the Buccaneers have the talent to compete for the Super Bowl.
That will depend on how Brady performs throughout the rest of the season as he arguably the best group of talent around him in his career. The pieces are there for Tampa Bay to put forth a special campaign resulting in a deep playoff run to add his illustrious legacy.