Bruce Lee’s 1-Inch Punch Once Knocked a Man Back 16 Feet

Over the last several decades, Bruce Lee has remained one of the most iconic figures behind his work in martial arts and on the movie screen. Lee has had a tremendous impact on both realms behind his actions and what he stood for beyond his incredible physical ability. There have been many aspects about him that have created a significant amount of respect for his dedication to his craft during his life. One of the most infamous fighting moves that are associated with Lee was the use of the one-inch punch. There was one instance where a man was driven back 16 feet after being knocked back by it.

Bruce Lee’s 1-inch Punch

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One of the most iconic moves that have become associated with Bruce Lee over the years has been the one-inch punch. Lee was extremely dedicated to his craft that led him to be a massive advocate for showing the use of moves and the impact that they made. The 1-inch punch is something that he picked during his training in Wing Chun that is originally a punching exercise.

It’s a skill that uses explosive power to generate an incredible impact force at a very close distance. The belief is that the move could create cracked vertebrae or even stop someone’s heart. It was famously showcased by Lee that enamored many the strength and power behind it from a short distance that is explained by Jessica Rose, a Stanford University biomechanical researcher, according to Popular Mechanics.

“When watching the one-inch punch, you can see that his leading and trailing legs straighten with a rapid, explosive knee extension,” Rose says. The sudden jerk of his legs increases the twisting speed of Lee’s hips—which, in turn, lurches the shoulder of his thrusting arm forward.

As Lee’s shoulder bolts ahead, his arm gets to work. The swift and simultaneous extension of his elbow drives his fist forward. For a final flourish, Rose says, “flicking his wrist just prior to impact may further increase the fist velocity.” Once the punch lands on target, Lee pulls back almost immediately. Rose explains that this shortens the impact time of his blow, which compresses the force and makes it all the more powerful.

Lee had mastered that move that made it a part of his image and once drove a man back 16 feet after using it.

Bruce Lee’s 1-Inch punch sends man back 16 feet

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With the physics behind the move in place, it gives a greater understanding of the physical nature behind that punch.

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that it once drove a man back more than 16 feet during a demonstration.

When Bruce Lee let his short-range fist of fury fly, the man it struck “[flew] back at least five meters (16.4 feet).”

That would account for being more than 200 times the distance of how far Lee’s fist traveled. It shows the amount of strength that he had behind the punch despite being an extremely short amount of space that he moved. Beyond further demonstrates the discipline and mastery of the blow that requires many different muscles in great coordination.

Bruce Lee’s Legacy

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The one-inch punch was one of the many parts of what made Bruce Lee such a fascinating person that still holds the same if not greater prestigious in the world.

During his time, Lee was an incredible figure behind his teachings and commitment to his craft. His fighting style is one that is still taught today more than five decades after his passing. The upcoming ESPN 30 for 30 Documentary titled Be Water will only bring more insight into who he was as a person beyond his impressive physical ability.

Lee is an iconic figure that has provided much inspiration for many across the globe and will continue to do so for years to come.