Buccaneers HC Bruce Arians Drops an Ominous Update About Tom Brady’s Future: ‘That’s up to Tom’

Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were mere seconds away from pulling off what would’ve been one of the greatest comebacks in NFL history. However, Matthew Stafford and the Los Angeles Rams ultimately prevailed, winning the game on a last-second field goal set up by a massive Cooper Kupp reception.

Now, with the Buccaneers’ season officially concluded, everyone’s attention is shifting toward Brady. Several rumors have popped up in the past few weeks that he’s seriously considering retirement.

Will Tom Brady retire?

Buccaneers QB Tom Brady.
Tom Brady | Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Brady has long hinted at the idea of playing into his late 40s and possibly even 50s. However, as the Buccaneers entered the postseason, more and more stories began to surface, hinting at the possibility of him hanging up the cleats this upcoming offseason.

The Buccaneers offensive coordinator, Byron Leftwich, completely dodged the question when pressed about the topic. His response really caught people’s attention.

Losing in the NFC Divisional Round puts Brady in a weird spot. On the one hand, he didn’t get to ride off into the sunset as an eight-time Super Bowl champion like he was hopeful for. On the other hand, Brady had a ridiculous season.

Brady passed for 5,000-plus yards during the regular season and had strong performances in each of the Bucs’ two playoff games. He’s likely feeling a tad frustrated that despite his greatest efforts, he simply didn’t have enough juice in him to overcome the star-studded Rams.

Buccaneers HC Bruce Arians just gave an ominous update

Following the Buccaneers’ Divisional Round loss, the post-game press conferences were obviously hot with questions about Brady’s future. Unfortunately for Bucs fans, the answer that came out of head coach Bruce Arians’ mouth wasn’t exactly an encouraging one.

“That’s up to Tom,” said Arians when asked about his quarterback’s future.

No one knows what Brady is thinking right now except for Brady. However, it’s impossible to ignore the lack of confidence brewing from the Bucs’ coaching staff. That’s two coaches (Leftwich and Arians) who’ve expressed a complete lack of faith in #12 returning to the team in 2022.

That’s not good.

What next for the Buccaneers if Brady does retire?

Brady will likely take some time to think about his future before deciding on retirement. No one could blame him for walking away at 44 years of age. However, no one could blame him for wanting one final shot at another Super Bowl, either.

For Arians and the Bucs, losing Brady would obviously be a massive blow. It effectively closes their Super Bowl window moving forward. They don’t have a serviceable replacement QB on the roster, and several Bucs players are only in Tampa Bay due to Brady’s recruiting talent.

Add in the fact that crucial players Chris Godwin, Jason Pierre-Paul, Leonard Fournette, Ryan Jensen, and Ndamukong Suh are all free agents, and Tampa Bay could be looking at a noticeably different roster in 2022.

All stats courtesy of Pro Football Reference.

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