Bucs’ Bruce Arians Wants His Players To Do More Than Protest

The last few months have seen many social issues arise that involved the mistreatment of Black Americans. The latest saw 29-year-old Jacob Blake shot seven times in his back by a Wisconsin police officer in front of his three young children. That has led to a strong outcry for change that includes Tampa Bay Buccaneers‘ head coach Bruce Arians issuing a challenge to his players.

NFL coaches are voicing the need for change

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The vocal unrest in the days following the Jacob Blake shooting has reached the NFL.

That has seen several NFL coaches and players voice their frustrations with the situation. Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy, who had a nearly 13-year tenure with the Green Bay Packers, expressed his strong discontent with the matter.

Meanwhile, current Packers’ head coach Matt LaFleur lambasted the Blake incident voicing his desire to see the ongoing social issues finally cease. However, Bruce Arians took that a step further with a challenge for his players.

Protesting isn’t enough for Bruce Arians

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In the wake of the recent near-fatal shooting of Jacob Blake, it has awoken more outrage from many eyeing significant social change.

It has seen many prominent NFL figures voice their frustrations with the continued issues concerning the unfair treatment directed toward the Black community. With that in mind, Buccaneers’ head coach Bruce Arians issued a challenge to his players to do more than protest if they want to create change. (H/T Yahoo Sports)

“Your responsibility is to just take action. I don’t know that protest is an action.I think each guy has a personal thing. I would beg them to take action, find a cause and either support it financially or do something to change the situation. Protesting doesn’t do crap in my opinion. I’ve been seeing it since 1968.”

That isn’t to say that protesting isn’t part of generating change, but that more significant action is that needed in that effort. It ranges from various things such as committing financial help to causes against systemic racism to contacting your local politicians to spread the message. There are many avenues to emphasize the need for change.

Arians’ comments can easily be misconstrued, but what he’s hoping to see is a concerted effort from his players to create change. These societal problems have remained in the United States far before 1968, which is ringing loud and clear more than ever before.

NFL will have pressure to step up efforts

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Following the NBA players’ collective decision to sit out playoff games over the last few days, it has seen several NFL teams elect not to practice on Thursday.

It’s a social issue that affects far more than the NBA as other leagues, such as the NFL, also have strong feelings toward the matter. There isn’t any clarity around how it will impact the 2020 season, but the possibility of boycotting games is on the table.

There is a significant financial risk involved, but it’s a matter that is far greater than any sports game. It’s also a chance for the NFL to get behind their players to a greater degree. Commissioner Roger Goodell has the opportunity to back his recent comments about wishing that he listened earlier to Colin Kaepernick.

Goodell and the NFL can put their words into action by finding additional ways that the league and its players can help generate change. They have the unique platform of being arguably the most popular sport in the United States. It’s on them to make the most of this situation positively.