Cam Newton Helped LaMelo Ball Feel at Home in Charlotte For $3 Million

Rookie point guard LaMelo Ball has the potential to be the crown jewel of the franchise with the Charlotte Hornets. There are significant expectations ahead of him as he embarks on his NBA career. Before Ball officially gets that underway, he received some help from former NFL MVP Cam Newton to feel at home in Charlotte.

LaMelo Ball lands with the Charlotte Hornets

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Before the 2020 NBA draft, LaMelo Ball was viewed by many as one of the top prospects of the draft class.

Ball fell to the third overall selection to the Charlotte Hornets, where he has quickly become a core piece to the puzzle. The franchise circled him as their next possible star point guard that could effectively replace All-Star point guard Kemba Walker.

The franchise had a splendid surprise with Devonte’ Graham taking a significant step forward last year, but Ball may fit that bill more firmly. He holds a unique skillset behind his promising court vision as a passer and scoring ability with outside shooting.

He showed flashes of star potential during his brief stint in the National Basketball League in Australia. The hope is that he can help push the Hornets into becoming a legitimate playoff factor and much more in the Eastern Conference.

Before Ball begins his rookie campaign, he has received a helping hand from former Pro Bowl quarterback Cam Newton.

How Cam Newton is helping LaMelo Ball

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LaMelo Ball is just over a week away from officially beginning his NBA career with the Hornets.

Before he gets off onto that path, the 19-year-old has quickly worked toward finding a place to live in his new city. Ball didn’t waste time getting that situated as he has apparently bought Cam Newton’s condo located in Charlotte.

According to Panthers beat writer Sheena Quick, he purchased the home for nearly $3 million. Since July, the place had been on the market since Newton had no use for it, given that the Carolina Panthers parted ways with him early this past offseason. He spent the first nine years of his NFL career with the Panthers as the cornerstone of the franchise.

The condo is listed with 3,335 square-foot space has three bedrooms and 3 1/2 bathrooms. Meanwhile, Hornets owner and Hall of Famer Michael Jordan owns the seventh floor of the building. Newton originally bought the condo in 2012 for $1.6 million.

Ball can shift his focus all directly back to craft well ahead of his rookie campaign with that off-the-court situation completely handled.

Bright future ahead

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The buzz around the Hornets has quickly grown after LaMelo Ball’s promising debut in his first preseason action.

Ball didn’t score a point on 0-for-5 shooting but made some impressive plays with his passing. The 19-year-old demonstrated tremendous court vision that saw him find teammates in transition rolling to the basket. He had a flashy behind-the-back pass in the fast break while making a full-court lead-ahead assist for an easy bucket for his teammate.

It may have only been a preseason game, but Ball has quickly shown flashes of potential stardom. He will have his struggles as he adjusts to the competition level and speed of the game, but those encouraging moments may continue to show through this upcoming season.

The Hornets will have to exercise plenty of patience with Ball’s growth due to his age and developing skillset. He will have every opportunity to receive significant playing time; it’s just a matter of him garnering the experience needed to take progressive steps forward.