Cam Newton Just Accomplished a Feat Tom Brady Never Did Under Bill Belichick

Following months of anticipation, star quarterback Cam Newton has finally made his debut with the New England Patriots. Newton put forth a strong performance against the Miami Dolphins, guiding them to a comfortable Week 1 win. It was an also outing that saw the new Patriots’ quarterback do something that future Hall of Famer Tom Brady never accomplished in his two decades under head coach Bill Belichick.

Cam Newton leads Patriots to win in debut

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Since Cam Newton signed with the Patriots, there has been some building buzz around the situation.

Newton had been pinned as the clear-cut favorite to secure the starting job throughout the process, which he earned just before the 2020 campaign. The 31-year-old didn’t disappoint in his first game with the Patriots as he guided the franchise to a 21-11 win in Week 1 action against the Dolphins.

Newton led the charge with two rushing touchdowns behind 75 rushing yards on 15 attempts along with completing 15-of-19 passes for 155 yards. Although it wasn’t a strong game passing the ball, he demonstrated steady control of the offense helping guide them to a game-high 357 total yards behind 217 rushing yards with 29 first downs.

The strong debut from Newton also saw him do something that Tom Brady never accomplished under Bill Belichick.

Cam Newton accomplishes a feat Tom Brady never did

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Cam Newton’s arrival to the New England Patriots brings an entirely new element to the offense.

That was on full display in Week 1 action against the Dolphins as the Patriots rushed for 219 yards. Newton was a huge part of that equation as he recorded 75 rushing yards, which is a feat that Tom Brady or no other quarterback ever accomplished under Bill Belichick, according to NFL Research.

Granted, Brady has never been known to use his legs; it’s an impressive feat nonetheless. What it does show is that the 31-year-old is healthy, especially after taking 15 rushes in the game with many of them on designated plays. It’s a wrinkle in the offense that the Patriots never featured over the last two decades.

Newton’s ability to run the ball opens up an entirely new part of their playbook that wasn’t there with Brady. There will be bumps along the way, but it’s clear that the former league MVP is finally healthy and could be in store for a huge bounce-back campaign.

Patriots’ high hopes moving forward

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With Tom Brady out of the picture in New England, it clouded the team’s expectations for the 2020 season.

It also didn’t help with the uncertainty around Cam Newton, who had his last two seasons cut short due to injury. There were also questions around his fit into the Patriots’ offensive scheme. New England has never possessed a quarterback with Newton’s mobility, which opens up a new aspect of their playbook.

What has been encouraging is that Bill Belichick has continued to speak highly of his new quarterback. It has seen him praise his work ethic and his unselfishness with his play on the field. It also signals that the Patriots are putting tremendous responsibility on his shoulders to guide their offense forward.

Newton has every bit of the offensive control to push the Patriots forward toward remaining a playoff constant in the AFC and potentially much more. In other words, New England will go as their star quarterback performs in what should be a highly entertaining campaign in 2020.