Cam Newton Just Sent a Strong Message Concerning COVID-19

Following the emergence of COVID-19 cases with the Tennessee Titans, the NFL was rocked again by another situation. New England Patriots star quarterback Cam Newton recently tested positive with the virus that has put him out of action through at least Week 4. The star quarterback has quickly come forth with a strong message concerning the matter.

Cam Newton diagnosed with COVID-19

Through the first three weeks of the 2020 season, the NFL largely went unscathed with concerns over COVID-19.

That changed drastically in the days ahead of Week 4 action as several teams dealt with cases emerging within their organization. The Patriots were also among those impacted as it was discovered that star quarterback Cam Newton contracted the virus.

Newton is the first Patriots player to have the illness, which led the team to conduct testing on the rest of the team and staff in the organization. Fortunately, it has seen negative results return for the rest of the roster, with Newton being the only player to test positive for the coronavirus.

The 31-year-old is out of the mix for Week 4 action while the Patriots’ matchup against the Kansas City Chiefs is now scheduled for Monday night. With that in mind, Newton has come forth with a strong message concerning his dealings with the virus.

Cam Newton’s strong message about COVID-19

Cam Newton’s positive test changes much of the situation around the Patriots as it puts an uncertain status for the 2020 season.

Beyond that, there is concern over his health with an illness that has impacted millions worldwide. With that in mind, Newton took to social media to voice optimism concerning the matter, along with his appreciation for the support he’s received.

“I never will question God’s reasoning, just will always respond with, ‘Yes Lord!! I appreciate all the love, support and well wishes!! I will take this time to get healthy and self reflect on the other amazing things that I should be grateful for.”

Newton is dealing with a situation that goes well beyond the game of football. His message demonstrates that he’s in positive spirits with the illness. There isn’t any clarity about when he will recover from the virus, but it’s something that the Patriots and, more importantly, the NFL will monitor closely.

NFL has greater concern over players’ health


Patriots Left Holding Their Breath After Cam Newton’s Positive COVID-19 Test

Cam Newton is one of several NFL players over the last few days to test positive for COVID-19.

The illness has heavily impacted the Tennessee Titans as 10 players have contracted the virus. That alone has postponed their Week 4 matchup against the Pittsburgh Steelers to later in the season. It marked the first game in 2020 delayed due to the virus.

Although the NFL has put the parameters to help navigate through this situation, the expectation was that cases would crop up at some point in the 2020 campaign. It’s an inevitable situation as the league has many players coming in close contact with each during a game while teams are operating in a partial bubble situation.

The NFL doesn’t have the luxury to do what the NBA, NHL, and MLB, to an extent, can operate through in their 2020 campaigns. It now shifts the attention over to what they will do in response to this challenging situation. There is some chatter that it could disrupt the rest of the season by spreading to other teams leading to more postponed games.

Ultimately, only time will tell what will unfold next for the NFL, as Newton’s case further underlines the importance of sticking to strict health guidelines.