Cam Newton Leaves the Door Open to a Scary Scenario for Patriots Fans

Cam Newton is coming off a disappointing first season with the New England Patriots. Newton’s performance on the field didn’t lead New England to stay on its path of continued success. As the offseason pushes along, Newton has presented a scenario that may frighten Patriots fans.

Cam Newton experiences bumpy 2020 campaign in New England

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Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots went all-in on the one-year experiment with Cam Newton last season.

Despite a promising early start, things progressively headed south for Newton. The three-time Pro Bowl excelled as a huge red-zone asset with his legs but struggled to throw the ball.

Newton finished the year ranked 24th with 2,657 passing yards, 33rd with eight passing touchdowns to 10 interceptions, 30th with a 47.4 quarterback rating. His difficulty finding consistency as a passer significantly contributed to the team’s shortcomings.

All that led to New England missing the playoffs for the first time in over a decade. The former league MVP has now voiced something that may scare Patriots fans.

Cam Newton leaves the door open to a scary scenario for Patriots fans

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The Patriots still have the foul taste in their mouths of missing the playoffs for the first time in over a decade. 

New England is in a developing situation, eyeing to continue their winning ways with more campaigns ahead with Super Bowl contention. The question now becomes whether that path will include Cam Newton.

During a recent interview on I Am Athlete, Newton voiced that he wouldn’t hesitate to consider returning to the Patriots on another one-year deal.

“Yes,” Newton said. “Hell yes. I am tired of changing. I know way more than I knew last year…It’s a system that knows me. We are still trying to flush out the 20 years of how it used to be, and I am going in, and that’s not me.”

Newton also wouldn’t confirm that he is talking to the Patriots, adding: “There is always a chance for everything.”

The 31-year-old went through an entirely new experience in New England, but it’s one that he completely embraces the change. Newton certainly learned plenty in the Patriots’ offensive system, but his future with the franchise is grounded in his performance on the field.

There is much to be said about the lack of OTAs, training camp, and offseason that didn’t allow him to become comfortable with the playoff book and build chemistry with his teammates. Ultimately, the situation lies in the Patriots’ hands to decide what’s ahead.

What will New England do?

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Although Cam Newton has voiced his desire to return for another season, the ball remains in the Patriots’ court.

New England has no ties financially to Newton beyond the 2020 campaign and could start anew at quarterback this offseason. There is no sense of direction for their long-term future under center, but the team has its options.

Jarrett Stidham could step in as the starter next season, but the team hasn’t made any strides toward that direction. Bill Belichick didn’t give Stidham much of a chance last year to showcase his play, even as Newton struggled to produce.

Meanwhile, the franchise could be keeping its eyes on how the Jimmy Garoppolo situation unfolds with the San Francisco 49ers. The Patriots could also go the uncharacteristic route of taking a quarterback in the first round of this year’s draft.

There are clearly plenty of options at their disposal, including Newtons’ return for another season. Only time will tell whether Belichick and New England want to give that scenario another run.