Cam Newton’s Shocking Contract With Patriots Would Piss Off Richard Sherman

Following an extended period on the open market, star quarterback Cam newton has landed with another NFL team. The New England Patriots have given Newton a chance to prove that he is still one of the league’s top quarterbacks. There has been plenty of criticism about the lack of pay he received on the deal that included Richard Sherman bashing the contract. However, a new detail has emerged that Newton may be making less than what everyone believes.

Cam Newton signs with the Patriots

It was nothing short of a trying offseason for Cam Newton in his first experience in free agency.

Newton went through the first couple of months without any traction toward him inking a deal with another team. Instead, teams such as the Patriots, Los Angeles Chargers, and Chicago Bears had all initially elected to pass on bringing him in. That was first impacted by the inability to do any physicals due to concern over the coronavirus, but that chatter shifted over to concern about him accepting a role as as backup.

Despite all that, the 31-year-old inked a one-year deal with the Patriots earlier this week. New England was previously mentioned as a potentially landing spot, which finally came to fruition on a low-risk, high-reward move that could work out great for both sides.

Cam Newton’s contract worse than Richard Sherman imagined

In the days following the move, it moved the conversation toward the bargain of a deal that the Patriots inked Cam Newton. That led to San Francisco 49ers star cornerback Richard Sherman voicing that the former league MVP was getting undercut extremely on his contract.

That financial number looks to be even lower than the $1.1 million base salary with incentives to reach $7.5 million. According to Ian Rapoport of The NFL Network, Newton’s deal has only $550,000 guaranteed with the rest of that potential $700,000 coming from per-game roster bonuses.

In the 1-year deal for #Patriots QB Cam Newton, the team guaranteed him just $550K — on a $1.05M total base. The definition of low-risk. The reward comes in $700k in per-game rosters bonuses and another $5.75M in incentives. The max is $7.5M in all.

That drops the dollar amount even lower to potentially making less than $1 million from the Patriots. It further generates surprise that Newton wasn’t able to secure a deal that could have paid him much more to what his talent should garner.

Cam Newton responds to criticisms about his Patriots’ contract


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The overwhelming response to the move for Cam Newton has been excitement about what may lie ahead in New England for the 2020 season.

Newton has the opportunity to possibly snag the starting job while putting himself in play for a more lucrative deal down the line. Te talk has stated around his contract numbers, which he took to Instagram on Thursday morning to voice it was never about the money but more about respect.

“It’s not a lot of things money cannot buy, but amongst the top of that list of things you would find respect as one of those!! This is not about money for me, it’s about respect. “

The three-time Pro Bowler is taking the grander approach to the situation as a chance to prove himself. Newton has the opportunity to regain the respect around the league that his talent has shown he deserves. It’s on his shoulders to make the most of the chance he has with the Patriots in 2020.