Carl Edwards’ Scary NASCAR Crash Landed a Couple of Fans in the Hospital

Carl Edwards spent more than a decade as a NASCAR driver that saw him experienced some sustainable success. Edwards’ run in the sport featured some memorable moments along the way. His career also included a frightening car crash that injured some fans at the event.

Carl Edwards’ NASCAR career

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Before stepping away into retirement after the 2016 season, Carl Edwards strung together a productive NASCAR career.

Edwards recorded a pair of second-place finishes in the Cup Series points race, 28 Cup Series career wins, and 220 top-ten finishes in 445 career races over 13 years. He also garnered an Xfinity Series championship, 38 Xfinity Series career wins, and 174 top-ten finishes in 245 races over 10 years.

Edwards garnered six top-three finishes in the point standings in the Nationwide Series, including winning a championship. His brief career in that series saw him experience some tumult due to a dangerous wreck that could have ended far worse.

Carl Edwards’ scary NASCAR crash land a few fans in the hospital

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Carl Edwards nearly saw his racing career and life flash before his eyes after a frightening crash at the Aaron’s 499 at the Talladega Superspeedway in April 2009.

Things quickly went off the hinges in the race in the last lap as Carl Edwards led the event. As he was about 500 feet away from winning the race, he attempted to block Brad Keselowski from passing him, but he hit the latter’s car’s front right front quarter panel.

The collision caused Edwards’ vehicle to spin before it came off the track and flew into the fencing above the outside wall. When the car hit the catch fence, several pieces flew off the vehicle, leading to seven fans suffering injuries.

There were no significant life-threatening injuries, but two women were airlifted to nearby hospitals due to traffic concerns, not due to the injuries’ severity. One woman suffered a broken jaw, and the other had an unspecified medical condition and wasn’t physically hurt.

Edwards remarkably walked away from the crash without any serious injuries and voiced his gratefulness for no fans suffering severe ailments, according to ESPN.

“NASCAR puts us in this box [restrictor-plate racing] and will race this way until they kill somebody,” Edwards said. “Then they’ll change it. We’re very lucky nobody got [seriously] hurt today.”

The situation could have easily been far worse given the parameters of the wreck. The matter took an interesting turn nearly a year later.

A failed attempt to get even leads to stiff punishment

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Nearly a year later, in the final few laps of the Kobalt Tools 500 at Atlanta Motor Speedway, Carl Edwards and Brad Keselowski became tied up in another incident.

This time around, Edwards hit Keselowski’s bumper and flipped similarly to the previous crash. Keselowski avoided hitting the outside wall fencing but did suffer a leg injury but avoided any further physical damage.

An investigation into the accident by NASCAR discovered radio audio that heard Edwards reveal he hit Keselowski on purpose. According to ESPN, the situation resulted in Edwards receiving 60 Nationwide Series driver points deduction, fined $25,000, and both drivers placed on probation.

Jack Roush, who owns the Edwards’ No. 60 Ford, also received a 60 owner points deduction due to the crash. The two drivers were both quite lucky to walk away from the accidents without any serious ailments. If anything, it did spice up the rivalry between them moving forward.