Carson Wentz is Already Back at Practice as Colts Fans Collectively Exhale

When Indianapolis Colts quarterback Carson Wentz went down with a foot injury a couple weeks ago, there was an air of nervousness amongst Colts fans. After all, the original timeline was a ride range of 5-12 weeks.

Now only two weeks removed, Wentz is already back at practice, and it looks like he never left. With Wentz on his way back, the Colts once again look like a team ready to legitimately compete for the AFC South.  

Wentz was heavily involved at practice

It was originally reported that Wentz would be back on the practice field and would be eased back in.

Reporters that were on site, however, seemed stunned to see him running around and taking a ton of snaps. While he was held out of the full-team drills, he took all the first-string snaps in seven-on-seven drills.

Head coach Frank Reich seemed optimistic about the status of both Wentz and his all-pro left guard Quenton Nelson.

“We’re at the two-week window,” Reich said to reporters during Colts training camp Monday, according to CBS Sports. “We feel good about where we’re at, at the two-week window. You know what I like to say about these kinds of things is, I don’t see the advantage of me trying to project that out. I can just tell you we feel good about where we’re at right now. I think that’s the main thing.”

“I think Carson and Q [Quenton Nelson] have done a good job in the rehab process with the right mentality getting the work done that they need to get done and I think it’s all been good.”

Wentz looks like he’s on track for the season opener against Seattle

What originally looked to be in question, now appears to be almost a certainty. 

Reich hasn’t given a definitive answer, and setbacks can certainly happen, but it appears based on his involvement with the first team in practice that Wentz is preparing to be the starting quarterback.

“He’s been sticking to a plan. That plan has been going well. We’re happy where he’s at right now. We’ll just look forward to updating you guys as we go along and we get further along in the process. Now two weeks into it, we feel good where we’re at, but just feel like these next two weeks will be really critical for him to stay on course – he and Quenton – and continue to get better.”

The other quarterbacks on the roster have been less than inspiring


Quenton Nelson’s Brutal Injury Confirms the Colts are the NFL’s Most Cursed Franchise

With Wentz on the shelf for the last couple weeks, It’s been an up and down experience for backups second-year quarterback Jacob Eason and rookie Sam Ehlinger. 

Both quarterbacks have been given their opportunities, and neither of them stepped up. In Preseason Week 2, Ehlinger threw two interceptions in the first half, and Eason threw the ball into the dirt on multiple occasions. If Wentz isn’t able to go, the Colts offense could be rough.

Fortunately for Colts fans, it looks as though that situation won’t be playing out in Indianapolis. As Wentz continues to rehab his foot injury, the Colts once again look poised to contend with the Tennessee Titans for the AFC South crown.