ESPN’s Marcus Spears Is Fed Up With Carson Wentz Supporters Making Ridiculous Claims and Comparing Him to Aaron Rodgers

Former NFL defensive end Marcus Spears is one of the funniest and passionate analysts on ESPN. That’s why it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Spears had Torrey Smith and Domonique Foxworth laughing during a discussion about Indianapolis Colts quarterback Carson Wentz.

While Marcus Spears expects Carson Wentz to play better than he did with the Philadelphia Eagles now that he’s reunited with Colts head coach Frank Reich, the former Dallas Cowboys star hates that Wentz supporters are already comparing the gunslinger to Green Bay Packers superstar quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Marcus Spears hates that Carson Wentz is being put in the MVP conversation already

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Torrey Smith played with Carson Wentz on the Eagles. The two won a Super Bowl together, and Wentz put up MVP numbers in 2017 before getting hurt.

After hearing Smith say Wentz will compete for the MVP in 2021, Marcus Spears went off on his fellow ESPN colleague.

“But when we start talking about MVP, like I think the MVP threw 48 touchdowns; how many touchdowns did Aaron Rodgers throw this year ya’ll? 48? Ya’ll think Carson Wentz is gonna be in the conversation for MVP when that dude in Kansas City (Patrick Mahomes), that dude in Green Bay (Aaron Rodgers), and Deshaun Watson potentially being on another team, Russell Wilson as well, and Carson not gonna be asked to do as much for his team as they are? And Torrey, you and Dan Orlovsky gonna say he gonna be the MVP, or he’s gonna be in the MVP conversation? Please. Stop it! Stop it!”

Aaron Rodgers won the MVP award in 2020. He threw for 4,299 yards and 48 touchdowns while completing 70.7% of his passes.

Before he got hurt in 2017 during his MVP-caliber season, Wentz had 33 touchdown passes and 3,296 passing yards in 13 games for the Eagles.

Marcus Spears wouldn’t be surprised if Carson Wentz plays well on the Colts since the former No. 2 overall pick has a good rapport with Frank Reich. However, the LSU icon doesn’t see Wentz coming close to winning the MVP since the one-time Super Bowl champion was the worst starting quarterback in the NFL in 2020.

Carson Wentz looked broken in 2020

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Before getting benched for Jalen Hurts, Carson Wentz looked like a broken quarterback for the Eagles in 2020. In 12 games, the signal-caller was picked off 15 times and had a QBR of 49.6.

Marcus Spears and Domonique Foxworth want guys like Torrey Smith to “take some baby steps” before putting so much pressure on Wentz. Just because he’s back with Frank Reich doesn’t mean Wentz will play like an MVP again.

Since entering the NFL in 2016, Wentz has thrown for 16,811 yards and racked up 113 passing touchdowns. He has MVP talent, but what we saw in 2020 was pretty disturbing, as Wentz looked like he had never played quarterback before.

Marcus Spears and the rest of the pundits at ESPN will follow Carson Wentz and the Colts closely in 2021. It will be fascinating to see if the 28-year-old can rejuvenate his career with Frank Reich’s help.

How good was the QB under Frank Reich in Philadelphia?

Frank Reich and Carson Wentz worked together for two years in Philadelphia. Wentz threw 49 touchdowns, 21 interceptions and passed for 7,078 yards while Reich was his offensive coordinator.

If Wentz doesn’t play well in 2021, not only will his NFL future be in jeopardy, but the Colts may fire Reich since he played a big part in the organization trading for Wentz.

Stats courtesy of Football Reference.