A Carson Wentz Discussion Between Torrey Smith and Domonique Foxworth on ESPN Turned Into a Roast Session of Dan Orlovsky

The Philadelphia Eagles traded Carson Wentz to the Indianapolis Colts, reuniting the quarterback with Frank Reich. If anyone can fix Wentz, Reich is the perfect man for the job since the two worked together on the Eagles and have a strong relationship.

Former NFL stars Torrey Smith and Domonique Foxworth, who both work at ESPN now, recently debated whether Carson Wentz will succeed on the Colts in 2021. However, the debate quickly turned into a roast session of former gunslinger and current ESPN NFL analyst Dan Orlovsky.

Torrey Smith predicts the Colts will win the AFC South with Carson Wentz

Torrey Smith, who won a Super Bowl with Carson Wentz on the Eagles, believes the Colts will win the AFC South in 2021 and that the former Pro Bowl QB will play well in Frank Reich’s system. Indianapolis went 11-5 in 2020 and came in second place in the AFC South with Philip Rivers as the starting QB.

A two-time Super Bowl champion, Smith told Domonique Foxworth, Marcus Spears, and Mike Greenberg on ESPN’s “Get Up” that Wentz will have a huge bounce-back season in 2021.

“I believe they’re getting a guy that’s going to help them take it to the next level,” Smith said about the Colts’ acquisition of Wentz. “I fully expect the Colts to win the AFC South this year with Carson Wentz leading this team. When Carson was at his best, which was the Super Bowl year in Philadelphia, he had a balanced run attack, he had weapons in the passing game and an offensive line that could take care of business up front. Indianapolis has all of that.

“But beyond that, there’s a personal relationship between him and head coach Frank Reich. Carson Wentz, at his best, is an MVP player. Am I saying he will be the MVP this year? I’m not necessarily saying that. But what I am saying is that if he plays at a high level, which I fully expect with this type of balance around him, the Colts will take it to the next level in the playoffs.”

After Torrey Smith finished his speech, he reiterated to Domonique Foxworth that Carson Wentz would ball out in 2021. The former wideout also said he was speaking on behalf of Dan Orlovsky, the only ESPN analyst before Smith joined the media empire who believes in Wentz.

That’s when Foxworth decided to have some fun with Smith and Orlovsky.

Domonique Foxworth playfully rips Dan Orlovsky

Domonique Foxworth took a playful shot at Dan Orlovsky while advising Torrey Smith. After Smith said he and Orlovsky were still riding with Carson Wentz, Foxworth hilariously trolled the former Detroit Lions QB.

“Torrey, I love you, and you are really good at this, and I’m so proud of you,” Foxworth said. “It upsets me how good you are at this already. However, let me give you a little advice. When your sentence starts with, ‘I agree with Dan Orlovsky,’ you’re wrong. That’s a bad way to start a conversation. That’s a really bad way to start a conversation. You don’t need to learn much from me, but I hope you internalize that little tidbit.”

Foxworth went on to say that he does not expect Wentz to play at an MVP-level this season for the Colts. However, all anyone could think about was how he destroyed Orlovsky.

Of course, this is all in good fun, as Torrey Smith, Domonique Foxworth, and Dan Orlovsky are friends and colleagues.

Carson Wentz will be out of the NFL if he fails with the Colts


Carson Wentz Hasn’t Played 1 Game for the Colts but Has Already Suffered a Big Loss

Carson Wentz was the worst starting quarterback in the NFL in 2020. Before getting benched, the former No. 2 overall pick threw 16 touchdowns and 15 interceptions.

If Wentz doesn’t play well on the Colts, his NFL career will be over. The signal-caller is under contract through 2024.