CBS Reporter Tracy Wolfson’s Simple Advice for Sideline Interviews Has Helped Her Attain Great Success

The college basketball season has reached the NCAA Tournament, which means even more work for Tracy Wolfson.

Just as she did during Super Bowl 55, Wolfson will serve as the sideline reporter for CBS Sports’ top broadcast team during March Madness. When Jim Nantz calls on her, Wolfson’s job will be to direct information to the broadcast booth or conduct socially-distanced interviews with players and coaches.

Wolfson is no stranger to how busy and hectic things can get on the sidelines, and a simple mindset has helped her attain great success in that role.

Tracy Wolfson has simple advice for sideline interviews

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Aspiring sideline reporters should look to Tracy Wolfson, who has long been a true master of the craft.

In a 2019 interview with Sports Talk Florida, Wolfson said she enjoys how exciting and sudden the sideline interviews can be in certain circumstances. Wolfson also walked readers through her approach in those moments.

“I love those in the moment interviews, you need to be ready for anything. Players and coaches have just been involved in a great win or a devastating loss and I have to be ready to ask questions that get right to the point without seeming insensitive to what they might be feeling at that point in time.”

Wolfson gave the example of speaking with Duke men’s basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski in the 2019 NCAA Tournament. Because Wolfson could only ask one or two questions, she simply asked Krzyzewski to describe the Blue Devils’ thrilling victory over UCF and their head coach, Johnny Dawkins, a former Duke player and assistant coach. 

“[ got into everything from his respect and love for his former [player and assistant] Johnny Dawkins … plus he added they [Duke] were lucky to win – but that he would take it,” Wolfson recalled. “Plus, he left enough time for me to get out on time.”

Wolfson has had a busy 2021 so far

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It’s only the middle of March, but Tracy Wolfson couldn’t be blamed if she needs a nap.

Wolfson spent the new year’s first few weeks alongside Jim Nantz and Tony Romo on CBS Sports’ No. 1 broadcast team for the NFL. That group called Tom Brady’s victory over Patrick Mahomes in Super Bowl 55 on February 7.

Evan Washburn and former NFL kicker Jay Feely joined Wolfson on the sidelines for CBS in the postseason.

When the NFL’s season ended, Wolfson shifted to college basketball. Most recently, she served as the sideline reporter for CBS’ coverage of the Big 10 Championship game. Illinois defeated Ohio State, 91-88, in overtime.

Tracy Wolfson is working the NCAA Tournament once again

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Jim Nantz and Tracy Wolfson are teaming up once again.

Those two, along with Bill Raftery and Grant Hill, make up the No. 1 broadcast team for CBS. They will call the Final Four and the National Championship game, assuming no COVID-related outbreaks end the tournament prematurely.

That group will call their first game on Friday, March 19. Florida, a seven-seed, faces No. 10 Virginia Tech in the South Region.

Brian Anderson, Jim Jackson, and sideline reporter Allie LaForce are the No. 1 team for Turner Sports.

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