CBS Star Jim Nantz’s Bitter Divorce Cost Him Nearly $1 Million Per Year

CBS star Jim Nantz is a broadcasting legend, but trouble often comes with the fame.

Nantz is a household name and a public figure. Whenever things go wrong, whether it is a missed call or something in his personal life, the media and fans alike will discuss Nantz’s situation the same way they did partner Tony Romo’s interceptions or injuries.

All of this is relevant because Nantz, like many of the athletes and coaches he has interviewed and worked with, once had a public and very bitter divorce.

Jim Nantz is a CBS broacasting legend

For nearly 35 years, Jim Nantz has welcomed viewers with “hello, friends” and an almost grandfatherly tone.

That outlook has served Nantz well. On February 7, Nantz will call his sixth Super Bowl as a play-by-play announcer for CBS.

Nantz, former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, and sideline reporter Tracy Wolfson have formed one of the most popular broadcasting crews in sports.

Former NFL kicker Jay Feely has joined them in the postseason as a second sideline voice.

When he isn’t calling touchdowns, Nantz is working college basketball or The Masters for CBS. His successful career recently netted Nantz a spot in the National Sports Media Association Hall of Fame.

Nantz had a bitter and costly divorce

Jim Nantz’s personal life entered the public domain in November 2009, and he likely wished some details remained hidden.

Nantz and his wife, Lorrie, officially divorced in the fall of 2009. According to the New York Daily News, a Connecticut judge ordered Nantz to pay his wife nearly $1 million per year in alimony and child support.

Officially, Nantz owed his wife $72,000 a month — and another $1,000 a week in child support. Those yearly costs came out to $916,000 annually.

The Daily News reported that Nantz made $3.9 million at the time. Nantz’s alimony lasted until either his death or her remarriage, and he had to cover his daughter’s college expenses until she turned 23.

Nantz remarried in June 2012 and has had two children with his second wife, Courtney.

Jim Nantz wasn’t the only sports figure in that situation


Jim Nantz Doesn’t Own the Rights to His Most Famous Phrase

Jim Nantz is far from the only sports figure who has been involved in a nasty and costly divorce.

Longtime New York Giants star Michael Strahan had to pay his ex-wife over $15 million in a divorce settlement. Another ex-NFL star, Terrell Owens, had major financial problems in retirement because he owed child support bills to three different women.

According to, Detroit Pistons star Blake Griffin denied rumors in 2018 that he had to pay $258,000 in child support.

Outside of the constant hits to his bank account, things have at least worked out for Nantz over the last decade. For his sake, he should hope that things with his second wife, Courtney, end far better than they did with Lorrie.

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