Chad Ochocinco Made so Much Money He Bought a $100,000 Semi-Truck

Over the course of his NFL career, Chad Ochocinco earned a reputation as one of the best wide receivers of his time. Formerly known as Chad Johnson, Ochocinco earned six Pro Bowl and three First-team All-Pro selections. The quick-footed receiver also set countless records for the Cincinnati Bengals, and deserves serious consideration for the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Today, however, Ochocinco is remembered just as much for his influential style as for his various exploits on the field. Perhaps the best example of Ochocinco’s flair is the vehicle he chose to buy for himself back in 2010. Here we take a closer look at Ochocinco’s career earnings, his personal flair, and his most iconic purchase.

Chad Ochocinco’s career earnings and net worth

Ochocinco spent 11 years in the NFL, all but the last of them with the Bengals. In that time, Ochocinco earned a total of $46.6 million, according to SportsKeeda. He also brought home a significant amount of money through endorsements.

Reebok, Go Daddy, and Unilever were just three of the brands that Ochocinco had official sponsorship deals with. Those deals earned him somewhere in the ballpark of $130,000 annually.

Unfortunately for Ochocinco, he seems to have spent most of that money by now. As of March 2019, he had an estimated net worth of just $5 million. That might explain why in January 2020 Ochocinco tried to stage a comeback as a kicker in the XFL. In the end, however, the mercurial former-star changed his mind, reportedly bailing out on his tryout.

Chad Ochocinco’s antics on and off the field


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Throughout his career, Ochocinco always managed to find his way into the spotlight. Not only that, but he knew how to put his inherent popularity to good use.

For instance, back during the NFL lockout of 2011, commissioner Roger Goodell personally called Ochocinco to discuss the situation. That revelation coincided with a study that determined Ochocinco to be the most influential athlete in social media, according to CNBC.

Of course, not all of the attention Ochocinco commanded was a good thing. Early on he developed a reputation for self-indulgence and mockery — and one who racked up plenty of NFL fines over the years. There was the time he put on a sombrero and poncho after scoring a touchdown. Or the time he tried to give a referee a dollar bill.

Half the excitement about watching Ochocinco play had to do with waiting to see what kind of a stunt he would pull off next. Unlike other shameless sports exhibitionists, Ochocinco had a saving grace: his natural charm.

Arguably the only time it failed him was in 2012, when a domestic violence arrest cost him his place on the Miami Dolphins roster — and ultimately his entire NFL career.

Ochocinco’s most ridiculous birthday present

Ochocinco made headlines back in 2010, thanks to the vehicle he bought himself for his 32nd birthday. Most sports stars with enough money to spend on any car they wanted would end up buying a Ferrari, or a Cadillac, or maybe a Mercedes.

Something flashy and fast that adequately reflects their status as one of the most elite athletes in the world. Not so for Ochocinco.

Instead, he bought himself what he referred to as a “super truck.” In essence, it was a souped-up semi cab. Ochocinco designed the vehicle in conjunction with the trucking company Freightliner.

The all-black truck featured numerous customizations and upgrades, including a roll bar, roof-mounted air-horns, a pick-up bed, and Ochocinco’s personal branding elements.

All in all, the truck reportedly set him back between $110,000 and $150,000, per DailyMail. That’s a lot to spend on something that would be better served pulling an 18-wheeler. On the other hand, it made perfect sense within the context of Ochocinco’s over the top public personality.