Chargers HC Brandon Staley Wants No Part of Ridiculous “Coffee Shop” Scenario Against the Raiders

The final week of the NFL regular season is here. With it, there are a ton of scenarios for teams to grab a playoff spot and improve seeding. The Los Angeles Chargers face off against the Las Vegas Raiders, with both teams facing a simple scenario — win, and you’re in.

However, there is a weird, wonky scenario where both teams can get in with some help — and a tie between the Chargers and Raiders on Sunday night.

But LA head coach Brandon Staley wants no part in that scenario.

The Chargers and Raiders face off for a playoff spot, but a scenario would get both teams in with a tie

It would take a Jacksonville Jaguars victory against the Indianapolis Colts for this scenario to unfold. Now, the Jaguars have just two wins all season long in what has been a complete disaster.

On the other hand, the Colts have not fared well against the Jaguars in recent memory.

So, there is a chance the Jaguars stun the world and end the year with a victory. This game is in Jacksonville, which has not been friendly to the Colts.

This scenario unfolding would be absolute chaos, and if the Colts lose, would there be any motivation for either the Raiders or Chargers to try and win the game?

In some ways, this scenario makes sense. But the Chargers head coach doesn’t want anything to do with this wild scenario at all.

Brandon Staley wants no part of this “coffee shop” scenario

Staley joined the Rich Eisen Show to talk about the massive game against the Raiders to finish the regular season. In his first season as head coach of the Chargers, he has them one victory away from a playoff spot.

However, he doesn’t want to think about ending the game in a tie and elaborated more on the ridiculous scenario (h/t Chase Goodbread of

“That’s a pretty loaded scenario. That is an all-time coffee shop scenario. I feel like I’m with my buddies at the University of Dayton. I think we all respect the game and the NFL shield and the integrity of this game far too much to be complicit in something like that. This game matters too much to too many people, and we want to play our best and be proud of the result one way or another. We’re going to do everything we can to go win this game, and play the way we’re capable of playing. I hope all the fans and everybody who loves the NFL will be proud of the game on Sunday.”

Brandon Staley on possible tie scenario

Did we expect any other answer from Staley?

Time and time again, the Chargers head coach has delivered powerful, moving answers at the podium. This time, it was no different.

“Coffee shop scenario.”

“Respect the game” and “integrity of this game.”

It’s fun to discuss and think about, but there is no way Staley wants to resort to relying on a tie.

The Chargers defeated the Raiders last time out and are looking to keep that momentum rolling

Chargers HC Brandon Staley doesn't want a tie.
Brandon Staley of the Los Angeles Chargers | Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Humbled Justin Herbert Gives Credit Where It’s Due After Setting Chargers Franchise Record

The Raiders were off to a surprising 3-0 start earlier this season. But then came the Chargers on Monday Night Football.

Justin Herbert delivered and led the Chargers to victory while setting another impressive NFL record. Since then, both teams have been up and down but are somehow one win away from a playoff berth.

The Raiders have won three straight to remain alive, and the combined margin of victory from those games is nine points.

On the other hand, the Chargers dropped two straight, including an ugly loss to the Houston Texans, before responding with a commanding 34-13 victory over the Denver Broncos.

Chargers-Raiders, Week 18, flexed into Sunday Night Football to finish out the regular season. What more could you ask for?

Well, for Staley, not a tie. Not even in the wildest of scenarios.

Stats Courtesy of Pro Football Reference