Charles Barkley Destroyed Scottie Pippen for Taking Shots at Him, Michael Jordan and Phil Jackson: ‘It Really Just Makes You Look Stupid and Silly’

While promoting his new book and bourbon, Scottie Pippen took shots at Michael Jordan, Phil Jackson, and Charles Barkley. It’s been bizarre to see him go off on Jordan and Jackson since he won six championships with them on the Chicago Bulls.

However, Pippen bashing Barkley isn’t surprising since the two had a falling out in 1999 when they were teammates for one season on the Houston Rockets. Barkley, though, doesn’t understand why Pippen is still ripping him since they have both been retired for over 15 years.

Charles Barkley says Scottie Pippen looks stupid

During his interview with GQ, Pippen spoke about how Barkley wasn’t a winner during his NBA career. He also said Chuck’s reputation of being a tough player was essentially made up.

On Friday, Barkley appeared on the Dan Patrick Show to respond to Pippen. The Hall of Famer said he was disappointed by what the Bulls icon said about Jordan and Jackson. However, Barkley does understand that Pippen has a book to sell.

“I’m disappointed in Scottie because he’s burning every bridge,” Barkley said. “I know he has a book coming out. Listen, Scottie was a very good player. I’ve always liked Scottie, too. I’ve always liked him. I’ve never had a disagreement or an argument with him, but he’s taking shots at me, and I’m just laughing because I’m like, ‘Yo man, you do know we’re like 60 years old. We don’t have beefs anymore. We’re like 60.’ I was disappointed he’s taking shots at Michael, Phil Jackson, and myself, but I understand he’s got a book coming out, and I just think it’s silly and stupid, to be honest with you. Listen, hey, we know you’ve got a book coming out. Stop trying to take shots at big fish. He’s big game hunting. You come after myself, you come after Michael, you come after Phil Jackson, and we know you’ve got a book coming out, but it really just makes you look stupid and silly in the long run, to be honest with you.”

Pippen criticized Barkley in the GQ article for never being a winning player. His remarks about Jordan and Jackson were much more controversial.

Scottie Pippen called Michael Jordan selfish for playing baseball and Phil Jackson a racist

During his talk with Patrick, Pippen called Jordan “selfish” for leaving the Bulls to play baseball in 1993-94. He also said Jackson is a racist and vented about why he was so upset the Zen Master drew up the game-winning shot for Toni Kukoc instead of him in Game 3 of the 1994 Eastern Conference Semifinals.

Pippen’s memoir comes out in November 2021. The six-time champion will reveal what it was really like playing with Jordan and being coached by Jackson during the ’90s. It should be a fascinating read for basketball fans, especially since it’s coming out after the Last Dance docuseries.

It was widely believed that Jordan, Pippen, and Jackson loved being around each other since they had so much success on the Bulls, winning six titles in an eight-year span and going undefeated in the Finals. However, based on Pippen’s comments to Patrick and GQ, it genuinely sounds like he has some bitterness toward Jordan and Jackson.

Why does the seven-time All-Star sound so mad?

Pippen had a tremendous career. He won six titles, made seven All-Star teams, 10 All-Defensive teams, and seven All-NBA teams. Yet, he sounds upset with how his career played out alongside Jordan. It certainly appears that Pippen didn’t enjoy being labeled as MJ’s sidekick and isn’t entirely over Jackson’s decision not to give him the game-winning shot against in the ’94 playoffs.

Everyone in Chicago is likely wondering why Pippen sounds so bitter at the moment. Either he’s controversial on purpose so he can sell his book, or he’s finally telling us how he really feels and is ready to vent his side of the story and doesn’t care what people think.

Pippen is unarguably one of the best players in NBA history. Nothing he says will change that. However, his image and popularity amongst Bulls fans could decline moving forward depending on how polarizing his book is.

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