Charles Barkley Is a Grinch When It Comes to His Feelings on Christmas: ‘It’s Just a Big Waste of Money’

Charles Barkley has always been one to express his genuine feelings. It’s been the singular personality trait that has stuck with him throughout his playing days and well into retirement. Barkley’s honesty led him to express why he doesn’t exactly possess the Christmas spirit.

Charles Barkley always speaks his mind

Throughout Barkley’s illustrious NBA career, he never wavered away from expressing his unfiltered sentiment.

The former Philadelphia 76ers great has maintained his strong personality trait into basketball retirement, especially through his work on TNT’s Inside the NBA for nearly the last two decades. It’s a quality that has earned him admiration from his peers while also putting him in hot water from time to time.

Barkley is a one-of-a-kind personality that wears his emotions on his sleeves for better or worse. It led him to vent out why he doesn’t exactly possess the Christmas spirit.

Charles Barkley is a Grinch when it comes to his feelings on Christmas: ‘It’s just a big waste of money’

Barkley has earned the reputation for being someone that isn’t shy about discussing any topic.

The Hall of Famer certainly went that route during an interview on ESPN’s Mike & Mike morning radio show in December 2015, as he revealed that he doesn’t possess a strong affinity for Christmas.

“Man, ya know, Christmas is not a lot of fun for me,’ Barkley said via USA TODAY Sports. “It’s just a big waste of money. When you’re black and rich, everybody thinks they’re a part of your family. Everybody is a relative. Everybody wants a really nice gift. It’s like your family members, one year you buy them a house, the next year you buy them a car, the next year you buy them a sweater.

“They look at you like, ‘You only got me a sweater?’ They always want the gifts to escalate, so you can’t ever get them a sweater if you bought them a house the year before because they get pissed. I’m not a big Christmas fan. I’m a firm believer that Santa Claus should only bring kids gifts. I think Santa Claus should bring gifts to everybody until they get out of high school, and then that’s it. That’s my personal opinion.”

Barkley’s sentiment isn’t rooted in not wanting to get gifts, but more so for those that become ungrateful. The money aspect has changed his perspective as it’s led him to believe that adults shouldn’t receive gifts due to the greed factor alone.

He certainly sounds like he’s had a few rough experiences with family members expecting too much. His financial success through basketball and other ventures has come with some familial troubles.

The former 76ers great isn’t suggesting he won’t celebrate the holiday, but instead, he wishes the focus would remain on gift-giving only for children.

Charles Barkley dominated Hakeem Olajuwon and the Rockets on Christmas Day


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Barkley may not have a fondness for celebrating Christmas, but he certainly holds joyous feelings toward playing basketball on that day.

The Hall of Famer will always relish his dominating performance on Christmas Day 1993 as he dominated fellow all-time great Hakeem Olajuwon and the Houston Rockets. Barkley posted an impressive double-double behind a game-high 38 points with 18 rebounds, leading the Phoenix Suns to a blowout 111-91 win.

The Rockets had no answer for the star big man. Barkley may not hold a strong admiration for Christmas, but he undoubtedly enjoyed lacing his sneakers up on that day.

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