Cubs Star Anthony Rizzo Attended a T-Ball Practice That Changed His View on MLB Contracts

Chicago Cubs star Anthony Rizzo is in the final year of his contract. If the one-time World Series champion doesn’t sign an extension with the Cubs in 2021, he will become a free agent after the season ends.

Rizzo approached the Cubs’ front office during the offseason a year ago about an extension. However, Chicago decided not to give him one.

Some MLB players enter their walk year with a grudge or place more pressure on themselves to perform well. However, after recently attending a T-ball practice, Anthony Rizzo’s stance on MLB contracts changed.

Anthony Rizzo speaks out on his contract situation

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Anthony Rizzo says he and the Cubs haven’t talked about a timeline regarding a possible contract extension. The good news is that team president Jed Hoyer expects to have conversations with several Cubs about their futures.

In 2013, Rizzo signed a seven-year, $41 million extension with the Cubs during the MLB season. That’s why the lefty won’t be concerned if he doesn’t sign one before the 2021 campaign begins.

“Going back to 2013 when we went through this process, it was a pretty easy process,” Rizzo said, via NBC Sports Chicago. “There’s so much history that we have and there’s so much camaraderie. It’s exciting to be in this position, and I’m grateful and healthy and just excited to play baseball and be here in spring training and have a full spring training and get ready for 162.

“Obviously, everything I love about this city, I kind of wear it on my sleeve, and I still love it. I still love our team. I still love what we have going on here, and keeping everything here inside this building would be the smartest approach for everyone. As far as a timeline, I’m not really sure. We haven’t really talked about much of any of that.”

With COVID-19 still affecting the world, Rizzo is fortunate to be healthy and playing the game he loves while making millions of dollars. The three-time MLB All-Star will make $16.5 million this year and enjoy the journey with his teammates.

Anthony Rizzo clearly wants to retire with the Cubs, but the four-time Gold Glove winner won’t stress about his contract situation, and his nephew’s T-ball practice is one of the reasons why.

Anthony Rizzo’s appreciation for his job increased after attending his nephew’s T-ball practice

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Anthony Rizzo’s appreciation for his job and spot on the Cubs increased after attending his nephew’s T-ball practice. The former Silver Slugger understands that life is too short to be worried about contracts when he gets to play a sport he’s loved since he was a child.

Seeing his nephew at T-ball practice put things into perspective for Rizzo.

“Obviously we’re paid a great deal to play this game,” Rizzo said. “When the mind does drift, I still remember what I’m doing. I’m playing baseball. I was at my nephew’s T-ball practice the other day, and [recognized] the appreciation that this is what I’m doing for a living. I’ll just go out and be me, and play well, and I know the money aspect and the business side will take care of itself.”

It will be fascinating to see if Anthony Rizzo and the Cubs agree to a contract extension in 2021. No matter what happens, though, the Florida native will savor every moment since he’s well aware of his baseball mortality.

The Cubs are eager to rebound from their Wild Card Series loss

The Cubs won 34 games in 2020 and were the best team in the NL central. Unfortunately, Chicago lost to the Miami Marlins in the Wild Card Series in two quick games.

Anthony Rizzo and Co. are motivated to go on a deep playoff run in 2021. The 31-year-old told reporters that the team needs to prove they can win to the fans.