Chiefs Star Chris Jones and His Superstitions Require a Specific Pregame Meal From His Coach’s Wife Before Super Bowl 55

The Kansas City Chiefs defense will play a huge factor in Super Bowl 55. They are facing the G.O.A.T in Tom Brady, along with the plethora of weapons at his disposal. Getting pressure on Brady is the best way to derail the Tampa Bay Buccaneers offense. Chiefs‘ defensive tackle Chris Jones will be called on to get Brady off his spots in the pocket.

Before the star defensive lineman takes the field, he needs to make sure he has his pregame meal. However, the big man doesn’t want just any food. Jones desires a special meal thanks to his superstition and the cooking skills of his coach’s wife.

Chris Jones wants his coach’s wife to make meatballs

A lot will be on Chris Jones’ plate going into Super Bowl 55. He will have to push the pocket on Brady and focus on stopping Leonard Fournette in the run. Going into the big game, Jones wants to make sure he gets a plate of meatballs, but not just any meatballs. He requests a plate of meatballs from the wife of his defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo. 

Jones had Maria Spagnuolo’s famous meatballs before Super Bowl 54, in which he played very well. He batted down three passes and forced Jimmy Garropolo into an interception being fueled by Ms. Spagnuolo’s meatballs. Given his performance in last year’s Super Bowl, Jones wants another helping of the Spagnuolo’s family meatballs.

“I actually asked Spags about the meatballs today. I had to pull him to the side and have a one-on-one, heart-to-heart with him. I was telling him, ‘I haven’t asked you all year for your wife to prepare meatballs under the circumstances, but with this being a huge game and last year meatballs were prepared before the Super Bowl, it’s something I was expecting,’” said Jones per ESPN.

Given the NFL’s COVID-19 protocols and how it impacted the season, it makes sense why Jones hasn’t asked for the meatballs this season. However, desperate times call for desperate measures. With a second straight championship on the line, Jones is serious about getting these meatballs. His hunger for the Spagnuolo dish is partially due to Jones being a superstitious individual.

Chris Jones is a superstitious person

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Some athletes indeed believe in superstitions. Some players take it as far as going through the exact same routine before every game. Players believe that following their superstitions or rituals allows them to perform to the best of their abilities. Chris Jones is one of those players. He wants the meatballs because they are good (hopefully), and it is a new Super Bowl superstition for him. 

“I’m very superstitious. She made them last year. I was looking forward to them this year. He told me that he told her, ‘It’s OK [not to make them].’ I was telling him, ‘What about the motto that we live by? Team first, team last, team always?’ That’s a part of the team ritual. So I’ve got to do a little more convincing, hoping his wife can open up and have enough time to just prepare me a single [plate] of meatballs,” said Jones.

Given Jones’ belief in superstitions, this isn’t the first time he’s partaken in a specific routine before a game. In 2018, he didn’t change his gloves while he was on an 11-game sack streak. He took it as far as eating the same meal at the same restaurant with the same two teammates during the streak. He did mention that once the streak was over, his gloves smelled like a dead animal.

Jones will do anything to make sure he sticks with his superstitions. Steve Spagnuolo should do his star defensive tackles a favor and get him those meatballs. It would mean a lot to Jones and could pay off for Spagnuolo also. He will need Chris Jones to have a hell of a game, becoming a disruptor for the Chiefs.

The Kansas City Chiefs’ defensive line is the key in Super Bowl 55

The Buccaneers have an offense that is loaded with weapons at every skill position. They haven’t lost a game since they faced the Chiefs in Week 12. Kansas City only got to Brady once but did knock him off his spot a couple of times. Jones and the rest of the defensive line for Kansas City will need to perform even better in the Super Bowl. 

It is no secret that getting to Brady is the key to stopping the Bucs’ offense. He and the stats have shown that he is a significantly worse quarterback when under pressure. Jones led the team with 7.5 sacks in 12 games this season, first on the team. He will be dealing with Ryan Jensen on the inside, who is one of the better interior linemen in the NFL. If he can push the pocket, it will cause all sorts of problems for the Bucs’ offense.

It would be in the team’s best interest if Steve Spagnuolo got his wife to make Chirs Jones those meatballs. It would make him happy for superstitious purposes and give him a substantial meal before the Super Bowl. If Ms. Spagnuolo can get Jones her meatballs, she might be the Super Bowl MVP if the Chiefs win, and he ends up having a huge day.