Chiefs WR Tyreek Hill Gives Andy Reid and Eric Bieniemy Ultimate Praise: ‘It’s Like Shaq and Kobe’

The Kansas City Chiefs left everybody with their jaws open after a thrilling finish against the Buffalo Bills. Apparently, 13 seconds was too much time for Josh Allen to leave Patrick Mahomes, and the Chiefs tied it up to send it into overtime.

Kansas City won the toss in the extra period and ended the game on a Travis Kelce touchdown catch, putting an end to the Bills season at Arrowhead Stadium for the second straight year. After the win, wide receiver Tyreek Hill gave head coach Andy Reid and offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy the ultimate respect with a perfect NBA analogy.

Tyreek Hill gives his coaches a massive vote of confidence after thrilling finish vs. Bills

After a thrilling win — and arguably the best game in NFL history — Hill couldn’t contain himself. The Chiefs and Bills went punch for punch, and Mahomes became the grim reaper after Reid’s request with just 13 seconds left.

It didn’t make sense, but the Chiefs walked away with a victory and a trip to the AFC Championship Game for the fourth straight season.

Hill gave the entire team love but emphasized the importance and greatness of his head coach and offensive coordinator.

Shaq and Kobe. That’s a pretty awesome comparison for Reid and Bieniemy.

The duo has worked wonders in Kansas City and has the Chiefs bathing in confidence every single game — even with just mere seconds left on the clock.

This time was no different, and unfortunately for the Bills, the Shaq and Kobe dup drew up a brilliant gameplan.

Andy Reid and Eric Bieniemy are a perfect match and could be headed for another Super Bowl

Chiefs WR Tyreek Hill gave Andy Reid and Eric Bieniemy a huge compliment.
Chiefs WR Tyreek Hill, HC Andy Reid and OC Eric Bieniemy | David Eulitt/ Getty Images

The Reid-Bieniemy duo is a perfect one. After Hill mentioned the Shaq and Kobe comparison, the Chiefs head coach gave his insight into who he is.

Nonetheless, these two have made it work. Bieniemy was the Chiefs running backs coach from 2013-2017 before being promoted to offensive coordinator. When he took over the offense in 2018, the Chiefs finished first in the NFL in yards per game and points scored.

Since then, the Chiefs have been nothing short of unstoppable. Sure, a lot of that can be attributed to the greatness of Mahomes, Kelce, and Hill, but Bieniemy is the man behind the glass.

After all, there is a reason why he has garnered a ton of interest around the coaching carousel the last few offseasons.

Could the Chiefs’ Kobe and Shaq duo be nearing its end?

Once again, Bieniemy has drawn a ton of interest for the vacant head coaching jobs. Last season, he interviewed with the Houston Texans and others, but Houston decided to hire David Culley — who got fired after one season.

This time around, Bieniemy’s name has floated, and he interviewed with the Denver Broncos after they moved on from Vic Fangio.

It is only a matter of time before Bieniemy gets a head coaching job, and answers like the one above are why he should be a hot candidate around the NFL.

The Bieniemy-Reid duo will end at some point; just nobody knows when. Perhaps Bieniemy is waiting for Reid to retire and take over the Chiefs’ job.

Nonetheless, the Shaq and Kobe duo are one victory away from a third straight Super Bowl appearance and are hosting a fourth consecutive AFC title game.

That sure sounds like a good coaching duo.

Stats Courtesy of Pro Football Reference

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