Chris Bosh Admits Heat’s ‘Crazy’ 4-Year Run Can’t Compare to Warriors’ Dynasty

During the early 2010s, the Miami Heat assembled their Big 3 with LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh. That led to a tremendous amount of success over four years, highlighted by a pair of NBA titles. It has thrust them into the conversation of greatest dynasties in league history. Bosh recently weighed in on the discussion concerning where that team ranked against the Golden State Warriors‘ recent championship success.

Heat’s four-year run with Big 3

The Heat set themselves on the course for something special in the summer of 2010 as it saw the formation of their star-studded Big 3.

The arrival of star forwards alongside Wade put them in the position to put forth something special, which they did over four years. The Heat experienced tremendous success that saw them reach the NBA Finals in each campaign while winning two championships. That included earning the top spot in the Eastern Conference and the Southwest division title in every season during that stretch.

Although the Heat fell short in two Finals, they had an impressive stretch that saw him dominate the Eastern Conference. The trio of James, Wade, and Bosh, along with a veteran-laden roster, worked well to tremendous success.

With that in mind, Bosh finally admitted something telling about where he believes that the Heat’s Big 3’s four-year span ranked in comparison to the Warriors’ recent run.

Chris Bosh believes Warriors rank above Heat

Although it was cut short by James’ departure, the Heat’s four-year run has put them among the best teams in league history.

One of which deals with the Warriors’ recent championship stretch that saw them earn three NBA titles in five straight NBA Finals appearances. During an Instagram Live Q&A session on Tuesday, former Heat star forward admitted that Golden State had more of a dynasty.

“I was thinking about our place in the history of the game and all that stuff,” Bosh said. “I even think the Warriors had more of a dynasty. I think ours was, you know the band Cream, from the UK? We’re more like Cream. We’ll come together. We’ll play. We’ll put this mega-thing together, four years, and four years only, baby. … It was just a crazy time. It’s crazy to even think I went through that.”

It isn’t to slight what the Heat accomplished, but more so to recognize all the work over the years to put together the incredible run that the Warriors had. That was only further heightened with Kevin Durant joining the mix midway that helped garner a pair of NBA titles.

Miami had something special for a short time together, but Golden State accomplished its feat over a long-term period.

Would the Heat have won more titles if LeBron James stayed?

The Heat had their impressive run cut short after James decided to come back to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

It immediately shut the door on Miami’s chances to contend for an NBA title. They were able to retain both Wade and Bosh, but no longer having their driving force was a significant loss.
James’ return to Cleveland was highlighted by four straight trips to the NBA Finals while he continued to play at an elite level. That certainly leads one to believe that Miami could have been there in that spot with their Big 3.

Wade was already moving past his prime, and Bosh had plenty left to produce at a high level. It’s fair to believe that they could have contended for another NBA title or two, but things were starting to head south. Bosh had his career cut short due to blood clots in his leg, which would have been a massive blow.

Nonetheless, it certainly falls into the “what if” category to see what the Heat could have done had James re-signed with the franchise.