Chris Broussard’s Special Idea to Honor Kobe Bryant

In the wake of Kobe Bryant passing away, it has shaken many in and around the NBA to their core, with a legend in the sport being gone far too soon in a tragic manner. It has given everyone the chance to reflect on his career and the impact that he made over the years.

There have been several ways he has been honored by teams around the league, such as the Dallas Mavericks being set to retire his No. 24. Longtime NBA reporter Chris Broussard has taken that notion further with what he believes the league should do to honor the former Los Angeles Lakers great.

Reaction to sudden loss of Kobe Bryant

Bryant‘s passing still hasn’t set in for many across the sports world, given his impact, age, and relevancy to the entire realm. That has quickly been felt by the numerous stories and tributes made to him in the short time that has passed since that devastating incident on Sunday morning.

It’s a harsh reality that has hit the sports world hard as an icon in the career field has been lost way too soon. There have been countless stories and messages spread from those he impacted both from close and afar. That will undoubtedly lead to much more in the way of him being honored in unique ways from his friends, colleagues, fans, and sports aboard.

There is another potential method that could quickly gain ground that has made its rounds on Monday morning.

Chris Broussard’s proposed honor for Kobe Bryant

It has been a mum last 24 hours have seen many weigh in and offer their words of gratitude towards Bryant.

The devastating loss has quickly led to many teams choosing to honor him in several different ways with 24-second shot clock violations, eight-second backcourt violations, and moments of silence before tipoffs. Cuban has also stated that nobody will ever wear the No. 24 again in Mavericks’ history.

During his appearance on FS1’s Undisputed on Monday morning, Broussard voiced that the NBA should retire his two jerseys No. 8 and No. 24 from every team.

There is no question that Bryant has had a tremendous impact on the league, which includes helping shape the next generation of talent and the ones to come after that. He is one of the pillars that helped make the league what it is today that has become of the most popular sports in the world.

If the NBA were to decide to go this route all the way through ultimately, there would be no pushback whatsoever given what he’s meant to the game of basketball and continue to be moving forward.

Kobe Bryant’s legacy lives on

It’s quite a tough pill to swallow to see such a tragedy at such a young age, but this is a chance to reflect and appreciate the positive impact that he’s made on so many people’s lives over the last two decades.

What he represented on the court, along with what he stood for behind preaching dedication, commitment, passion, and a hard work ethic, all have had an everlasting impact. It’s those qualities along with seeing the other side of him since his retirement; being a family man with his children has allowed people to connect to him on a deeper level than ever before.

Kobe was his generation’s Michael Jordan for many kids and will be for many generations to follow. It’s had to truly engulf what he has meant to the NBA and far beyond it, which makes this possible move that Broussard has suggested an even grander gesture if the league chooses to go that route.