Chris Paul Turned His Bowling Hobby Into a Smart Investment

Chris Paul might be one of the best point guards in NBA history, but this doesn’t mean his interests begin and end on the court. Paul’s fans know that his other beloved sport doesn’t involve passing, dribbling, or even running. Throughout his entire NBA career, Paul has been an avid fan of bowling — but this interest goes far beyond the local alley.

Chris Paul’s other passion: bowling

Paul has been a bowling fan almost as long as he’s loved basketball. In North Carolina, he grew up bowling with his family, reports Forbes. One of the first events he set up for his Chris Paul Family Foundation was a bowling tournament. CEO of the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA), Tom Clark, said that events like Paul’s, which are broadcast on TV and often involve other major celebrities hitting pins, help lift up the sport.

According to Paul, many people who stop him on the street want to chat about his bowling skills. “There are a ton of people who don’t even say anything to me about basketball,” Paul said (per Forbes). “They come up to me and they’re like, ‘Hey, you bowl. We should go bowling.'”  

With such a passion for the sport, Paul isn’t just a fan who likes to play. He’s serious when he competes on the lanes.

Is Paul good at bowling?

Paul often wins his own bowling tournaments. Crediting his father for instilling this passion, the OKC point guard reflects fondly on the evenings he spent watching his father bowl with friends as a part of local leagues. One of his favorite Christmas memories was in high school when his parents got him a bowling ball that looked like the classic red, white, and blue basketballs used in the ABA. 

While Paul has yet to roll a perfect 300, according to CNBC, his career-high of 256 shows he’s better than your average amateur. To this day, Paul says a 300 is his ultimate goal and one he’ll be loud and proud of if he accomplishes it. 

“I couldn’t imagine being in the 10th frame with 11 strikes thrown and getting up there to throw the 12th strike,” he says. “I’ve never had that feeling … I would much rather have to throw a free throw than have to throw that strike… If I bowl a 300, everyone’s going to know about it.”

While basketball will eventually end, Paul looks forward to being able to bowl well into old age. In fact, his involvement does not end with playing the game and hosting charity tournaments. 

Chris Paul’s other team

Paul founded L.A.X. in 2012, reports ESPN. Not the airport, this pro bowling team is a force, winning multiple titles after just eight years of existence. The PBA has also boasted high-profile owners like former NFL greats Jerome Bettis and Terrell Owens, as well as comedian Kevin Hart.

When not focused on basketball, Paul loves watching pro bowling on TV and calls many professionals his friends. Paul might be known most for his basketball prowess, but his passion for bowling is another fascinating aspect of his life. Paul’s investment in the game not only puts a big name on a smaller sport, but it could bank him more money as bowling grows in popularity.

With this kind of talent and love for the game, one can’t help to wonder if Paul will seek a second career in bowling after basketball is said and done.