Chris Webber Doesn’t Mince Words While Addressing Critics of His Broadcasting With an Unapologetic ‘F**k You’

Chris Webber is one of the best players in NBA history. However, he still hasn’t been inducted into the Hall of Fame.

That’s not why Webber, though, is upset with his critics and sent an NSFW message to them recently.

Chris Webber averaged 20.7 points per game during his NBA career

Chris Webber was the No. 1 overall pick in the 1993 draft by the Orlando Magic. However, the Magic traded Webber to the Golden State Warriors on draft night.

During the 1993-94 season, Webber averaged 17.5 points and 9.1 rebounds per game for the Warriors while shooting 55.2% from the field. He won the Rookie of the Year Award.

In the summer of 1994, the Warriors traded Webber to the Washington Bullets, who eventually became the Washington Wizards. Webber played four seasons in Washington and averaged 20.9 points and 9.7 rebounds in 212 games. He also made the All-Star team in 1997.

In May of 1998, Webber was traded by Washington to the Sacramento Kings. It was in Sacramento where the former Michigan superstar established himself as an all-time great. Webber made four All-Star teams with the Kings and put up 23.5 points and 10.6 rebounds in 377 games.

During the 2000-01 season, Webber averaged a career-high 27.1 points per game.

The Kings were never able to get past the LA Lakers in the Western Conference playoffs despite Webber being a star. At the 2005 trade deadline, Sacramento ended the Webber era by trading him to the Philadelphia 76ers.

Webber appeared in 114 games with the Sixers and averaged 17.9 points and 9.3 rebounds before getting waived on January 11, 2007. The Detroit native signed with the Detroit Pistons five days later. Webber played in 43 games with his hometown team and averaged 11.3 points and 6.7 rebounds.

The 2007-08 campaign was Webber’s final season in the NBA. He ended his career where it started, as Webber played nine games for the Warriors before retiring. The former Rookie of the Year finished his stellar NBA career with averages of 20.7 points, 9.8 rebounds, and 4.2 assists in 831 games.

Since retiring from the NBA, Chris Webber has stayed around basketball. He’s currently a TV broadcaster for TNT and enjoys his work. Unfortunately for Webber, many NBA fans don’t enjoy his broadcasting skills, but that won’t stop C-Webb.

Chris Webber sends a message to his broadcasting critics: “F**k you”

On the Complex Sports Podcast, Chris Webber delivered two messages when he was asked about his broadcasting critics. The 47-year-old said he wants to get better and is hopeful NBA fans will give him a chance to improve.

Webber also went off on the trolls who bash him for the fun of it. The Kings legend had a blunt message to his haters: “F**k you.”

There will always be haters on social media. Webber needs to ignore them and continue to call the games with the passion he displays. You can’t please everyone, and if you try to, you will drive yourself crazy.

Not only should basketball fans appreciate the knowledge Chris Webber drops on TNT, but they should stop being so negative all the time on social media.

It’s embarrassing that C-Webb isn’t in the Hall of Fame


John Stockton Was One Tough Dude, Just Ask Chris Webber

Hall of Famer Karl Malone once said that Chris Webber was more skilled than he was. It’s not easy to average over 20.0 points per game in the NBA, and Webber did that in his sleep.

Even though Webber never played in the NBA Finals, he was a dominant force during his prime and put up Hall of Fame numbers. C-Webb finished his career with 17,182 points, 8,124 rebounds, 3,526 assists, and 1,200 blocks.

Hopefully, Chris Webber makes the Hall of Fame one day. The voters need to take a step back and understand how versatile he was, and you can’t talk about the game’s history without mentioning Webber.

Stats courtesy of Basketball Reference.