Chuck Liddell Has Keen Advice For Mike Tyson’s Comeback Attempt

The last few weeks have been full of speculation and buzz around former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson potentially making a comeback. Tyson‘s last professional fight was nearly 15 years ago, but he has continued to ramp up his training that have only further pumped hype toward him getting back into the squared circle. With that has come plenty of feedback and opinions for many around the sports world. Among those was former UFC heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell offering his some advice for Tyson as works his way toward a potential comeback.

Mike Tyson’s potential comeback

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The chatter around Tyson has picked up over the last few weeks as his workouts’ video has become viral.

The 53-year-old appears to be getting into tremendous shape, showing some impressive speed and power. Although they are only workouts, it’s hard to look past the physical ability that he has at this stage of his life.

Tyson has also continued to feed the discussion as he recently voiced that he may not be done boxing and that it has made him feel youthful. His new trainer, Rafael Cordeiro, has also hyped him up, stating that the former heavyweight champion has the power and speed of a 21-year-old. That has also created the expectation he could be back in the ring quite soon.

Chuck Liddell’s advice to Mike Tyson

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There have been many to weigh in Tyson’s potential comeback attempt over the last few weeks.

That now includes the former UFC heavyweight champion giving his two cents on the matter. During a recent interview on Submission Radio, Liddell stated that Tyson would know if he’s ready to fight again.

“I don’t know if I’m going to be issuing keys for making comebacks but he knows where he needs to be and how he needs to feel and what he needs to do. He’ll get out there and he’ll know what to do. Tyson is been doing this way too long to worry about it. He’ll know whether he’s ready for it or not.”

Liddell is undoubtedly speaking from experience as he had hist struggles making a comeback. Like Tyson, he struggled to during the latter end of his career, dropping five out of his last six fights in the UFC. He made his return to the octagon in November 2018, but that saw him suffer a disappointing knockout loss to longtime rival Tito Ortiz.

That only makes Liddell’s comments that much more meaningful as he knows the rough side of trying to come back years later. Granted, he didn’t have a 15-year layoff, but he attempted a comeback well after his best fighting days were behind him.

Will Mike Tyson make his comeback?

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Beyond the outside opinions, it’s evident that Tyson is gearing up to get back into the ring.

He hasn’t shied away from the comeback chatter by any means but rather further reinforced that notion with his comments in various interviews in the last few weeks.

That was taken up a notch with fellow former heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield pushing his way back into the ring for a comeback. It has fueled speculation about a third fight between them. Meanwhile, Shannon Briggs has also voiced that he’s nearing a deal on a match with Tyson.

The only thing that is known at this point is if he does return, it will be done for charity purposes. What has become more evident is that Tyson is in a different mental state during his boxing days, and that alone could be the driving force behind what gets him back into the squared circle. Ultimately, only time will tell what will unfold.