Cincinnati Reds Star Nick Castellanos Used 1 Fan and a Massive Hit to Blast MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred

Fans of the Cincinnati Reds have always had a reason to dislike like the MLB commissioner, whether it’s Bud Selig or Rob Manfred. This is because their king, the MLB hit king, Pete Rose is still banned from baseball. Manfred, the current commissioner, hasn’t helped his case with Reds fans of late either, as some of the team’s stars haven’t been too happy with him or the league office. In fact, outfielder Nick Castellanos recently trolled Manfred by using a fan and a massive swing.

The MLB suspended Reds stars Nick Castellanos and Amir Garrett

The MLB suspended Castellanos for two games earlier this season after the outfielder scored on a wild pitch and then celebrated by standing and shouting over pitcher Jake Woodford of the St. Louis Cardinals. This led to both benches clearing.

Castellanos appealed the suspension but lost and ultimately had to sit out the two games.

As expected, the Reds were disappointed.

“I am disappointed that Nick was suspended even though he did not initiate physical contact,” Reds manager David Bell said back at the time, per Bleacher Report. “I am hopeful that when baseball is played with emotion, the players will be protected from dangerous and unnecessary retaliation.”

More recently, the MLB suspended Reds pitcher Amir Garrett for five games after yelling from the mound following a strikeout against the Cubs, which also led to a benches-clearing incident. He was initially suspended for seven games, but the league reduced it to five.

“I don’t know what I can tell you,” Garrett said, per “I learned not to have fun.”

Cincinnati players obviously feel as if they can’t enjoy the game they love, and rightfully so. In fact, Castellanos has since made his unhappiness with the league clear.

Nick Castellanos used a fan and a big swing to call out Rob Manfred

Cincinnati Reds star Nick Castellanos and MLB commissioner Rob Manfred.
(L-R) Nick Castellanos and Rob Manfred. | Norm Hall/Getty Images; Rob Tringali/MLB Photos via Getty Images

In the third inning of a road game against the Colorado Rockies on May 15, Castellanos hit a two-run home run, which ultimately tied the game. After rounding the bases, the Cincinnati star fist-bumped a Reds fan, and the team later won 6-5 in 12 innings.

After the game, Castellanos received a question about the fist bump during a post-game interview. He ultimately let the fan answer the question.

“So, I told Nick when he got up there that he should imagine that Rob Manfred’s face was on the baseball,” the fan said to Bally Sports Ohio, per “And the next pitch, he lit it up over the fence, baby.”

Castellanos then crossed his arms and stared right into the camera while listening to the fan recall what happened.

The MLB may have suspended Castellanos, but the Reds star got the last laugh.

He is having a great season with the Cincinnati Reds


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Castellanos first joined the Reds during the COVID-19-shortened 2020 season and had an OK year in the 60 games he played in for them. He hit .225 and had 14 home runs to go with 34 RBIs.

He has been on a tear this year, though. Castellanos, a career .276 hitter, has a .326 average for the Reds this season, which is third in the National League. He also has 10 home runs, tied for No. 3 in the NL, 25 RBIs, and is fourth in the NL with 29 runs scored.

His efforts have helped the Reds get off to a decent start, as Cincinnati is 19-19 and just 2.5 games back from first place in the NL Central.

The Reds haven’t won a playoff series since 1995. If Castellanos and the rest of the Reds’ hitters, who have scored an NL-leading 205 runs this year, can continue their hot start — and keep from getting suspended — maybe they can help change that.

Stats courtesy of Baseball Reference and ESPN