Cincinnati Reds’ Pitchers Organizing a Sandlot Game in Arizona

With spring training suspended and the start of the regular season delayed for Major League Baseball, many players are figuring out what to do. Players have the option of staying at the team’s spring training facility, go to the home team’s city, or they can go to their offseason home.

A few players want to start up a pickup game at a random field in Phoenix, Arizona. Cincinnati Reds’ pitchers Trevor Bauer and David Carpenter want to hold a sandlot game with other players.

If this game does happen, there will be a lot of interest in the baseball world and on social media. Will it happen is the big question?

Where did this idea come from?

Since spring training is at a halt, players are trying to find other things to do to help pass the time. Carpenter went to Twitter and reached out to Bauer, asking him if they could get some guys together and have a pickup game, sandlot style.

Bauer was all in with that idea and even agreed to have everyone who would play miked up for a broadcast through his website, Momentum.

These two are very serious about getting this game to happen and will do whatever it takes. There has not been a date or time set, but Bauer did tweet, “this is happening.”

Players on board for a sandlot game

Players around the league have already reached out and said they were on board. Those players are Cleveland Indians pitcher Mike Clevinger, Detroit Tigers pitcher James Russell, and San Diego Padres outfielder Tommy Pham. This will be very entertaining for fans and players to see, especially with no sports going on.

It will be interesting to see how long it takes for them to find a field and get enough players to join in. But Bauer and Carpenter are adamant in getting this game going.

There is a possibility that the MLB and MLPA may try to shut the game down due to COVID-19 concerns. But again, Bauer is stressing that this game will take place.

The classic movie ‘The Sandlot’

If you have ever played baseball before, there’s a good chance you saw the classic film The Sandlot. The movie about nine kids coming together to play baseball on a backyard field allows viewers to see how much fun you can have playing the sport. If Bauer and Carpenter can find a field similar to the one in the movie and play a game on it, that would create a lot of attention on social media.

If the players could dress up wearing similar clothes as the kids in the movie were wearing, that would be even better.  

There are so many angles that the players could take if the game does go on. Will the players use the character’s names from the movies, who knows?

This will be a highlight to see during this time, with sports being canceled/suspended. A lot of baseball fans would love to see something like this happen.