Clint Bowyer Reveals What Would Get Him Out of Retirement and Back on a NASCAR Track

Following a lengthy NASCAR racing career, Clint Bowyer has stepped into the broadcast booth. Bowyer is quickly finding his way in his first year in his new position. However, he has hinted at what could get him back behind the wheel on the NASCAR track.

Clint Bowyer’s NASCAR career

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Clint Bowyer spent 16 years as a NASCAR Cup Series driver, where he experienced varying levels of success.

Bowyer earned 10 Cup Series wins, 226 top-ten finishes, and four pole positions, along with landing in the top five point standings three times. He also spent a decade competing in the Xfinity Series, in which he won the 2008 championship, secured eight victories, 116 top-ten finishes, and nine pole positions.

Over the last seven years, Bowyer struggled to push forward in the Cup Series, placing no higher than ninth in the points standings. He chose to step into retirement after the 2020 campaign and is now finding his footing in the broadcast booth.

However, there is the lingering appeal of getting back on the track.

Clint Bowyer reveals what it would get back on a NASCAR Track

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Clint Bowyer is a few weeks into his new gig in the Fox NASCAR broadcast booth for the 2021 season.

However, questions concerning Bowyer’s racing future have quickly arisen. During a recent interview with Yahoo Sports, he addressed the situation by stating that the “right opportunity” could get him back in the mix.

 “I’m only 41 years old, but the conversation you have to have with yourself is are you satisfied or are you OK with your career and your love of racing. Are you willing to hang the helmet up? And I had that conversation, and I was. Do I still want to race something, and would I? Hell yeah, I would.

“I’m a race-car driver. I’m a racer. Since I was four years old, I’ve been racing something on two or four wheels. If it burnt gasoline, I was in. If it was the right opportunity in competitive equipment to run up front and compete for wins came across the table, I’d be a fool not to look at it.”

Bowyer does possess the bubbling personality fitting for the broadcast booth, but there remains a strong passion for driving. Like many of his colleagues, such as Jeff Gordon, retirement is hard to settle into at any point.

The window is still open to seeing Bowyer give it another go, it’s just a matter of him getting that scenario presented to him. His numbers declined last year, but he did manage to qualify for the playoffs. At this juncture, his future lies in the broadcast booth next to Gordon and Mike Joy.

Broadcast booth has promising future ahead

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Before Clint Bowyer began his journey in the broadcast booth for the 2021 season, there remained questions about his fit alongside Jeff Gordon.

The two have quickly played off their long on-track history and used that to fuel their on-air chemistry. It has quickly created some entertaining banter between the two former drivers.

Bowyer has quickly embraced the transition as he continues to grow into his new role. The 41-year-old will also have the luxury of using Gordon as a guide, given his smooth transition into the position since his retirement in 2016.

The appeal to return to behind the wheel on the NASCAR track will remain, but only time will tell if that will guide Bowyer back in any capacity.