Clint Bowyer’s First Experience With Coffee Involved a Hangover and a 1949 Mercury Lead Sled

If longtime NASCAR driver-turned-announcer Clint Bowyer had to pick a vice, he might just choose coffee.

It might not be orange slices or Gatorade, but athletes are just like regular people and they enjoy coffee. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone with a wilder introduction to caffeine than Bowyer, though.

And if you think your own personal first time drinking coffee is better, just look at what Bowyer experienced.

Clint Bowyer had an incredible first experience with coffee

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Clint Bowyer is a big fan of coffee, enough said.

In a 2020 interview with The Athletic, Bowyer recalled his first experience with coffee, which came while he was in Kansas. Bowyer didn’t remember when he was in Kansas, but he remembered being there because his 1949 Mercury Sled was being built in Wichita, Kan.

While staying at his parents’ home in Emporia, Kan., Bowyer woke up feeling the effects from the night before. After his mother suggested he “better become a coffee drinker,” Bowyer stopped and bought the “super trucker coffee” that was available on his trip to Wichita.

We’ll let Bowyer take it from here.

“And about halfway down the turnpike heading to Wichita, I’m pouring sweat, I’m shaking, I’m like, “What in the hell is going on?” But I’m wound for sound, radio is going and I’ll never forget that effect coffee had on me.”

Bowyer arrived safely, and he’s been a big fan of coffee ever since then. In fact, Bower loves coffee so much that he’s willing to take risks with how much he enjoys it.

“So every now and then, I’ll quit drinking coffee so I can get back after it and get the effect,” Bowyer said. “Because that bang is a lot of bang for your buck.”

Bowyer isn’t the only athlete who loves coffee

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Anyone who enjoys coffee can surely relate to Clint Bowyer’s own personal feelings.

That reality extends to professional athletes, too. Cleveland Cavaliers center Andre Drummond tweeted in 2016 that he drinks a cup of coffee before every game. 

Baseball legend Barry Bonds has posted Instagram photos drinking coffee, whether he is enjoying the weather or taking a break from working out. 

Damian Lillard and the Portland Trail Blazers have had a coffee routine for several years. 

Chalk this up to Clint Bowyer being Clint Bowyer

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NASCAR fans who have spent years loving Clint Bowyer and his personality shouldn’t have been surprised by his story.

Bowyer is an eccentric figure, and that’s allowed him to quickly earn rave reviews at Fox. His charm is turning him into Fox’s version of what Tony Romo has been for CBS’ NFL coverage.

NASCAR fans will get no shortage of Bowyer in the coming weeks. Fox holds the broadcast rights to every Cup Series race, either on traditional Fox or FS1, through the middle of June.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. and NBC pick up the rights starting with the race at Nashville Speedway on June 20.

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